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New Look!

Hey! In case you subscribe via an rss feed or reader, Lovely Undergrad has a new look!  I was going to wait until January 1st, 2011 to release the makeover... but I just couldn't!  All the navigation and menu items are the same.  The big change occurred with the header and background.  The busy, colorful (almost wild!) background is gone and replaced with a nice charcoal gray... though the pattern still exists more subtly in the header.  I hope you like it!  I think it is overall cleaner, simpler, and more elegant.  I sometimes felt like the busy background took away from some of the photos posted. Anyway... let me know if it looks funny on your computer or anything! xoxo.

Eclectic Color + Pattern

  This apartment is a perfect example of how to incorporate lots of color, lots of pattern, and lots of unexpected details without causing mass chaos.  The living room is both energetic and cozy, eclectic yet pulled together.  A  basic white sofa is accented with pillows boasting different patterns.  A very unique sideboard makes a bold statement, while a glass coffee table visually lightens up the space.  And oh! Can you spy one of my favorite design trends?  If you guessed books stored in the fireplace, you are correct!    Spruce up your space with some greenery.  Plants will not only add life to your dreary space, but also keep the air nice and fresh.  For added surface space beyond what your coffee table offers, pick up a vintage suitcase from an antique store and slide it underneath.  And that gorgeous pair of shoes that you dropped a whole paycheck on but rarely get to wear?  Use one as a decor accessory!    The warm yellows, reds, and browns cozy up this otherwise creamy space

Black & Blue & Pink All Over

Black & Blue & Pink All Over by LovelyUndergrad The above Polyvore set is my entry for the Victoria's Secret "I Only Sleep in PINK Holiday Challenge."   The first place winner gets a $500 shopping spree plus a feature on and the PINK Facebook page.  Two runners up get $250 sprees and the same features.  Head over to Polyvore now to check out the contest, rules, and entries. 

A Hair-Raising Story

 (above: new hair, second hair cut of the day) I got my haircut twice today.  I was in a styling chair from about 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.  Click through for the full, hair-raising story...

Rue | Issue 2

 I really want a mannequin like the one in this space.    I love the shadowy hues in this black room.  This just looks like a whole lotta fun!  Pink and yellow are a charming pair.  Bold + eclectic = decorgasm. ;) These golden leaves remind me of King Midas' story. Just wanted to share my favorite spreads from the latest (2nd) issue of Rue magazine . Check out the entire issue here .

Ultimate in Girly Chic

  For me, this achingly pretty Swedish apartment calls to mind the long-ago days of playing with Barbies.  For me, Barbie wasn't just about fashion.  She was about interior design, too.  I never began a doll-playing session without first setting up my dolls' living space.  Crisp whites, clear acrylics, flirty pink, and cool turquoise abounded.  This 51-square meter apartment brings back those girly childhood memories.  And I would loooove to inhabit this feminine space.   To mimic this crib's easy-breezy feminine style, first embrace the white in your apartment or dorm.  Then accent it with lucite, acrylic, or glass furniture and accessories.  Add color (preferably a delicious pink and opulent turquoise) through pillows, blankets, flowers, and minor accessories.  The key is to avoid fluff, frills, or fuss.  This is feminine, luxurious minimalism at its best.  Focus on subtle prints, soft texture, and clean lines.  Avoid baroque details, heavy furniture, and dramatic patt
 Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!

Jessica Gaga?

  So whatdya think?  I've gone Gaga---platinum blonde hair, five-pound bangs, and all. Actually... I just gave myself a makeover with Taaz , which is super fun & addicting.

Brazilian Avant-garde

  This is one-of-a-kind apartment in Brazil was originally a painting studio.  Unfortunately, college dorms and apartments are far from anything like a big, wide-open loft.  But there's a lot of inspiration to be found in this raw, eclectic space.  What first caught my eye was the couch---or lack of one.  Instead of a traditional sofa, there are two big mattress cushions piled high with 20 (that's what I counted!) pillows that serve as an ingenious and uber-comfy place to hang out, nap, etc.  Low profile furniture gives a room more head space, so it seems larger.  Granted, this loft is lofty to begin with.  But a similar low profile arrangement in your dorm or apartment will give the illusion of higher ceilings.   I love unexpected mixes in decor.  Concrete walls contrast with the furry rug.  A fancy chandelier contrasts with the sleek modern lines of the table.  The fur and chandelier warm up what would otherwise be stark and cold. I also like the framed art display and the s


decor-gasm: n. A reaction to a style of decor so profound that it is more than mere appreciation and approaches a point of carnality comparable to orgasm. May also be specifically applied to this reaction to Art Deco decor, making deco-rgasm.  (Thank you, Urban Dictionary .) "The clean lines and subtle shading of that mural are so aesthetically exciting I nearly had a decorgasm!" "Decorgasm" is my new favorite word.  And here on the blog, it's going to be a regular feature.  Sometimes I come across rooms that are just soooo gorgeous that I want to share them simply so that you can swoon, too.  And I've already openly admitted that I have a severe furniture fetish.  I'm so glad I finally have a term for my passionate reaction to beautiful decor and furniture!

Dear Tom Brady,

Dear Tom Brady, I'm super glad that you and the Pats won again today!  But puh-leeeease get a haircut.  I'm not feeling the Bieber Fever do.  : /  Go back to being mancandy soonly! Love always, Jessica ♥

Thanksgiving Threads

If your Thanksgiving happens to be an elegant affair, forgo the go-to LBD and indulge in rich jewel tones instead.  Don't be afraid to pair unexpected hues like a deep merlot dress with dark turquoise pumps.  Instead of flat black tights, opt for patterned black for extra texture and interest.  Accent your attire with a little sparkle in all the right places: perhaps a sequined shrug to cover up bare shoulders, a silky gold clutch to hold touch-up cosmetics, and an ornate statement ring as your sole piece of jewelry.  You'll be the belle of the Thanksgiving ball. Perhaps you're itching to hit up the bar scene with friends you haven't seen all semester.  Lots of bars host "night before Thanksgiving" bar crawls, so call up your estranged gal pals and get grooving on the dancefloor.  Black+Navy is a gorgeous color match.  Start with a sequin-embellished top and dark, flattering skinny jeans.  Throw on a cropped blazer to keep warm and some hot little booties t

Small Space in the City

I wanted to share Patricia's Manhattan tiny place (found via Apartment Therapy ) because it is a perfect example of how to zone a small space into sleeping quarters, eating quarters, and living quarters. The bed fits into its own little nook, which I think is ingenious. How amazing would it be to go to sleep each night and wake up each morning next to that huge window a view of NYC? I also like the simple bedding and warm color choices---white, camel, beige, and a dash of deep red are so cozy and inviting. Here you can see the couch/tv area and the dining area set up next to another large window. A big mural of a cityscape mimics the gorgeous window views. Black furniture with balances out the space without being too heavy since the tables and chairs are anything but bulky. To check out the original post at Apartment Therapy and hear what Patricia has to say about her little gem in the city, click here. (All photos in this post are from Apartment Therapy .)

Lovely Things Come in Tiny, Minimalist Packages

And by tiny, I mean 125 square feet! But puh-lease, us college students know all about surviving in such a itty-bitty space, right? In a dorm or studio it's totally a given that the tv, microwave, mini fridge, and hair straightener all share the same electrical outlet. The difficulty is not in the habitation of a small space, but the beautifying. Kristen of Seattle, whose lovely rental was featured on Apartment Therapy, has mastered the small space decor problem. The secret to making your space resemble Kristens? Minimalism. That means as little as possible. Keeping only what you need, only what you use. No clutter. No nonsense. And that can be hard since dorms come to us as blank canvases. Our first impulse is often to clutter them with pictures, memorabilia and knick-knacks that show of our personality, remind us of home, and make the space our own. But with minimalism, you must restrain yourself. Kristen, a twenty-two year old freelance Interior Designer that