Decor Muse: Bijou and Boheme

Ghost chair! I am thoroughly obsessed with
ghost chairs and will have one someday.
Also, that dainty little loveseat is to-die-for.

Inspiration to take away from this shot: Mix and match pillows. You probably normally don't think to pair black-and-white striped pillows with floral pillows... but it works beautifully.

Big, ornate mirrors make me swoon...
especially when they're casually leaned
up against the wall like that.

Inspiration to take away: Don't be afraid of mixing furniture from different styles and eras. The credenza/sideboard that is re-purposed as a tv stand is very modern, as is the striped rug. The fancy mirror and tufted ottoman/coffee-table, on the other hand, are very French and luxurious. Putting these pieces together makes for an eclectic, interesting, and chic room.

Oh, what a perfect place to curl
up with a good book or Kindle!
Inspiration to take away: Give yourself a little corner all for you. A cozy chair all your own makes for an ideal place to unwind after a long day---whether you wanna read, flip through Cosmo, sip some tea, or just pet your cat.

This room exudes chic femininity with elegant sass.
Inspiration to take away: Don't shy away from black. Yes, black furniture is big and bold and heavy. But it makes a classy statement. There's a reason it is so classic. We all need a little black dress, you know? Well, every room needs some black to ground it. Opt for a big black couch if you're daring and don't have furry animals running around. Or choose something more subtle like a black desk, chair, or end-table.

I am head-over-heels in love
with that red chair. Oh-em-gee.
Inspiration to take away: Insert your personality into a space to really make it your own, even if that includes breaking a "decor rule" or two. Found some random, crazy art you just adore but nobody else understands? Put it up front in center! Found a gorgeous red velvet chair with gilded edges that looks like it belongs in King Louis' court rather than your feminine-modern-chic apartment? Put it in the spotlight! It'll all come together in the end! And quite gorgeously, too.

I found Christine's home via Simply Grove. Check out Simply Grove and Christine's blog Bijou and Boheme for more decor inspiration. (All photos in this post belong to Christine of Bijou and Boheme.)


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Lindsey said...

I am so looking forward to buying a house so I can decorate it!!! Just need the house now. :)