Eclectic Color + Pattern

This apartment is a perfect example of how to incorporate lots of color, lots of pattern, and lots of unexpected details without causing mass chaos.  The living room is both energetic and cozy, eclectic yet pulled together.  A  basic white sofa is accented with pillows boasting different patterns.  A very unique sideboard makes a bold statement, while a glass coffee table visually lightens up the space.  And oh! Can you spy one of my favorite design trends?  If you guessed books stored in the fireplace, you are correct! 

Spruce up your space with some greenery.  Plants will not only add life to your dreary space, but also keep the air nice and fresh.  For added surface space beyond what your coffee table offers, pick up a vintage suitcase from an antique store and slide it underneath.  And that gorgeous pair of shoes that you dropped a whole paycheck on but rarely get to wear?  Use one as a decor accessory!

 The warm yellows, reds, and browns cozy up this otherwise creamy space.  Two completely different patterned pillows that share the same color scheme can end up being soul mates. 

The vintage trend isn't going away.  Hit up the local thrift or antique shop for unique accessories to dress up your dresser top.  Especially keep an eye out for industrial lamps, colored glass, silver trays, and old photographs.  

For more photos and info on this colorful home, visit the original post on Freshome.

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