Lovely Things Come in Tiny, Minimalist Packages

And by tiny, I mean 125 square feet! But puh-lease, us college students know all about surviving in such a itty-bitty space, right? In a dorm or studio it's totally a given that the tv, microwave, mini fridge, and hair straightener all share the same electrical outlet. The difficulty is not in the habitation of a small space, but the beautifying. Kristen of Seattle, whose lovely rental was featured on Apartment Therapy, has mastered the small space decor problem.

The secret to making your space resemble Kristens? Minimalism. That means as little as possible. Keeping only what you need, only what you use. No clutter. No nonsense. And that can be hard since dorms come to us as blank canvases. Our first impulse is often to clutter them with pictures, memorabilia and knick-knacks that show of our personality, remind us of home, and make the space our own.

But with minimalism, you must restrain yourself. Kristen, a twenty-two year old freelance Interior Designer that recently graduated with a BFA in Interior Design and Architecture, carefully chose pieces to fill her space and make it the most efficient.

This vintage trunk was a thrift purchase. It holds all of her "blankets, books, sheets, pillows, memoribilia and winter coats." Amazing, right? That's stuff that would ordinarily take up closet space or call for bookshelves.

I'm really digging the metallic bust because I'm a sucker for busts.

The best part about becoming a minimalist with your decor scheme? You'll have less stuff with you when you need to move in or out of a dorm. That makes moving so much less of a headache.

For more about Kristen's apartment, use of white, and process of selecting what goes into her space... check out the original post over at Apartment Therapy. (All photos in this post are from Apartment Therapy.)


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