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Thanksgiving Threads

Sumptuous Soiree
If your Thanksgiving happens to be an elegant affair, forgo the go-to LBD and indulge in rich jewel tones instead.  Don't be afraid to pair unexpected hues like a deep merlot dress with dark turquoise pumps.  Instead of flat black tights, opt for patterned black for extra texture and interest.  Accent your attire with a little sparkle in all the right places: perhaps a sequined shrug to cover up bare shoulders, a silky gold clutch to hold touch-up cosmetics, and an ornate statement ring as your sole piece of jewelry.  You'll be the belle of the Thanksgiving ball.

Perhaps you're itching to hit up the bar scene with friends you haven't seen all semester.  Lots of bars host "night before Thanksgiving" bar crawls, so call up your estranged gal pals and get grooving on the dancefloor.  Black+Navy is a gorgeous color match.  Start with a sequin-embellished top and dark, flattering skinny jeans.  Throw on a cropped blazer to keep warm and some hot little booties to amp up your booty.  Complete the look with faux-sapphire studs and a simple black leather wristlet.  The club can't even handle you now.

If the turkey-time bar crawls aren't for you, Thanksgiving Break is a perfect opportunity to meet up with old friends at a coffee house and share how your semesters have been going.  Catch up on the latest gossip, find out who's dating who, and argue over whose professor is thee worst.  Keep it cute and simple with lightwash skinny jeans, a tank, flats, and a soft, embellished cardigan.  Pair contrasting colors like pink and green for a bold statement.  And top it all off with adorable bow earrings and a fabulous purse.

The big family dinner is perhaps the best part about Thanksgiving.  Turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and on and on and on.  Comfort is key at this Thanksgiving highlight.  Jeans are just too constricting for this kind of food marathon.  Wear an uber-comfy sweater dress with basic black leggings because with an expandable waistline, you'll be able to stuff your face some more.  And when the tryptophan kicks in, you'll be ready to lounge... or take a turkey-induced nap.

We can't talk about Thanksgiving without mentioning the great American sport of football, can we?  Whether everyone gathers around the tv or piles out into the backyard for a game of your own, football is tradition.  If you have any inclination of wanting to show off your mad quarterback skills or get squished on the the couch by your fanatic uncles and cousins, dress appropriately.  Worn-in bootcut blue jeans are ideal.  Layer a bright-colored tank under a comfy sweatshirt.  Lace up your chucks.  And put on a scarf so that grandma doesn't have to yell at you for nearly catching your death of a cold.  If you're showing your football spirit because of a boyfriend or crush, forget the floral perfume and spritz on some pumpkin-spice-scented body spray instead.  Studies show (and Cosmo says) that the smell of pumpkin pie is a big turn-on for men.  Who knew?!



wendy said…
great sets! i like the first one the most, i would love to wear a dress like that for the holidays.
Leah said…
Love this post - the outfits are so cute! I'm inspired - the garnet dress totally has my name written all over it! Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Break! :)
Brittany M. said…
I absolutely LOVE all of these outfits. That dress in the first one is gorgeous--I love how you paired it with the turquoise shoes!
Anonymous said…
Where is the red dress from? I love it!


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