Ultimate in Girly Chic

For me, this achingly pretty Swedish apartment calls to mind the long-ago days of playing with Barbies.  For me, Barbie wasn't just about fashion.  She was about interior design, too.  I never began a doll-playing session without first setting up my dolls' living space.  Crisp whites, clear acrylics, flirty pink, and cool turquoise abounded.  This 51-square meter apartment brings back those girly childhood memories.  And I would loooove to inhabit this feminine space.

To mimic this crib's easy-breezy feminine style, first embrace the white in your apartment or dorm.  Then accent it with lucite, acrylic, or glass furniture and accessories.  Add color (preferably a delicious pink and opulent turquoise) through pillows, blankets, flowers, and minor accessories.  The key is to avoid fluff, frills, or fuss.  This is feminine, luxurious minimalism at its best.  Focus on subtle prints, soft texture, and clean lines.  Avoid baroque details, heavy furniture, and dramatic pattern.
A common theme in decor (and an important rule for college students to remember) is "Less is More."  Don't have a side table for your magazines?  Well, you reeeeally don't need one.  What you do need is a comfy chair to sit in and a good light to illuminate the glossy pages of the latest issue.  Just be sure to keep the magazines in a neat stack for an carefree but elegant effect.

And now for my favorite part of this apartment: the bed.  It's so simple, so clean, and so fresh.  The white bedding blends right into the white walls, but the cool accents of pale blue and lime green brighten the space up.  It's such a tranquil bed---and that's important with all the chaos that goes on in life.  And really... what's more glamorous than Warhol's gorgeous Monroe hanging as a statement piece?  

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