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New Year's Eve Fashion

Champagne is (of course) a New Year's Eve essential.  So whatever party/club/soiree you're heading out to, coordinate your dress with the bottle of champagne you're bringing.  Amp up classic gold with a little leopard print.  Make coral glow with glittery gold.  Stay pretty with pale pinks.  Unleash your sassy side with violet and crimson---red-hat-ladies-who?  Or embrace tradition with emerald green and onyx. Black is this NYE hue.  Hit the dance clubs in a sequin-embellished mini dress and black boots made for getting your groove on.  Look hot at the bars in dark wash skinnies, a shoulder-revealing black top, and shiny pumps.  Channel your sophisticated side at a dinner party in a classy LBD and ladylike heels.  For a chill party opt for gray skinny jeans, a cute black top, and matching flats.  For an at-home all-nighter go with comfy sweat pants, a soft henley, and your fave slippers. Go glamorous with a girly hue this New Year's.  Get all dolled

Fa la la la la!

 My siblings, doggie, and me... all decked out in red on Christmas Eve.  Left: My dog in the new Iowa State bandana I bought her. Right: My handsome bf and me in our Iowa State garb. :) Hey lovelies! I'm back from my little holiday hiatus.  How was your Christmas?  Mine was wonderful, but far too short!  I spent the evening of the 23rd, entire 24th, and first half of the 25th with my family, then I spent the evening of the 25th with my boyfriend's family.  I had to be back in my college town for work on the 26th.  But hopefully (weather permitting, this is Iowa) I can go back this weekend and spend New Year's with everybody. Get anything good for Christmas?  I got a lot of kitchen stuff (pasta cooker, new coffee maker, blender, Giada cookbook, fancy olive oil bottle) and Iowa State clothes.  My boyfriend got me a beautiful antique mirrored tray with a silver Victorian set of a brush, comb, and hand-mirror.  He knows me so well. ;)   The best part about Christmas was spen

Merry Christmas!

  Merry Christmas, lovelies!

Ms. Taken WINNER!

  I tallied up all your comments (+ additional entries due to becoming a blog, Fb, or Twitter follower).  Then I assigned a number to each entry and used a random number generator to come up with the winner. Aaaand the winner of this sparkly bling-bling is... Leah!! She said, " I love this ring! This summer I was the Jet Setter while studying abroad and the Ms.Taken ring would have been so handy with the ever persistent touristy shop owners!  I've also been pursued by a Mr. Macho van Strango - I love jewelry so for him to be wearing more than me was huge!" Leah, watch your inbox for an e-mail with instructions for receiving the ring. :) Merry Christmas!

Last Minute Gift | Goodies for Christmas

(image via: here .) I'm a firm believer that baked goods can cure all ails.  So if you're stressing out about last minute Christmas gifts for friends, family, or your bf's parents... consider putting together something yummy that they can enjoy.  Here are a few ideas:   Rollo and m&m Pretzels Mmmm... melted caramelly-chocolaty pretzels with a cute-as-a-button m&m on top!  You could also make these with white almond bark in the middle instead of a Rollo candy.  Check out the instructions at In the Kitchen w/ Kimmy .   Cake in a Jar Cake in a jar?  No, we're not talking the little jars of ingredients that the gift-recipient actually has to mix together and bake.  We're talking actual already-baked cake in a jar.  A cake you can eat with a spoon or freeze for later!  Mesmerized?  Check it out at Country Consultant .     Peppermint Bark One of the easiest sweet holiday staples.  Paula Deen's recipe is always a crowd pleaser.  Plus, you can wrap it up

3 Pieces, 5 Ways | Internship Basics

You did it!  You landed your dream job (for the time being) or a fabulous internship.  But now... what to wear?  You stare at your closet and see no professional attire.  And when you start thinking of all the clothes you need and how much it will all cost, your feelings shift from excited to overwhelmed.  But don't stress.  There are three key pieces that can be easily mixed & matched and dressed up & down  with lots of clothing you already own. When looking for the perfect pair of trousers, concentrate on fit, comfort, and color.  When it comes to fit, choose a pair that sits right below the belly-button.  Low rise pants can cause the notorious "muffin-top" effect.  And while high-waist pants can be very fashionable, they aren't the most versatile with every outfit.  Other features to look for are straight leg and flat front (no pleats).  If you can't find the perfect fit, get them tailored.  It will cost a little money, but it's an investment

Holiday Fashion Inspiration

If you're like me and ended up saving a bunch of gift-shopping 'til the very last minute (due to lack of funds or just being a plain ol' procrastinator)... you'll want to wear something comfy and cute when you hit the mall to grab those deals.  Start off with your most trusty pair of worn-in blue jeans.  Add a soft t-shirt and a cardi or jacket---it'll keep your arms warm in those air-conditioned igloo stores and can be removed if you start sweatin' as you madly dash from American Eagle to Express.  Speaking of sprinting around, be wise in shoe choice.  Flat boots or mocs are most reliable for comfort.  Keep your bag small; a cross-body one is handy and you won't have to worry about accidentally putting it down as you load your arms with goodies.  Accessorize simply---earring studs will do quite nicely. If you have fancy holiday parties on your schedule of festivities, you'll want to look your absolute best... especially if that dreamy guy you'v

Celebrate in Style!

We made it!  It's Friday!  Finals week is a thing of the past.  And now it's time to party!  What season is more festive than the holidays?  Hitting a Christmas-themed fiesta?  Channel your inner seductive Mrs. Claus with a little red dress, lacy scarlet tights, candy-cane-striped peep-toe heels, a red satin clutch, and St. Nick's favorite hat to top it off.  Feeling more Rudolf than Vixen?  Spread some goofy Christmas spirit at an Ugly Sweater party---there are literally tons of them going on right now.  Raid family member's closets, Goodwill, and thrift stores for the tackiest sweater you can get your hands on.  No luck?  Make your own.  Pair it with a frilly mini skirt, bold tights, a hair bow, and elfish booties to complete the look.  If you prefer the bars/clubs to parties, look no further than classic silver and gold.  It's easy to pull off and the chicest of holiday looks.  (Plus, you could re-wear it NYE.)  It's simple: black leggings paired with sil


  Last night I considered pulling my first all-nighter.  Everywhere I go (class, work, the mall) I hear fellow students gushing about how they "stayed up alllll night writing that paper" and "pulled the third all-nighter in one week."  I tried to stay up.  I even drank highly sugared coffee... two cups!  But the later it got, the more I found myself reading blogs instead of reviewing slides, browsing instead of memorizing notes.  At around 1am I decided to just go to bed and hope that I felt more up to studying in the morn. I hardly got any sleep. :/ Once I laid down in my ultra-comfy bed and turned off the light, my mind wouldn't stop.  I obsessed about the most random things: what to buy for groceries this week, what to cook for dinner the next few nights, what to wear if I go out, what to buy everyone for Christmas since I procrastinated so much.  I just couldn't fall asleep.  And the heat kept kicking on and off, which was distracting. 

Breaking News!

I now take a momentary study break to deliver some breaking news to you! The Water for Elephants movie trailer is available for viewing on iTunes!!   (Watch here !) In case you don't know, Water for Elephants is one of my favorite books.  When I was reading it (several years ago) all I could think about was how it would make thee perfect movie.  When I heard that it was being turned into one... I was seriously psyched.  I've followed the news all along---from them getting Reese Witherspoon on board, to casting Robert Pattinson, and news about what lucky elephant plays Rosie.   When I heard Reese was on board, I nearly did cartwheels in my kitchen.  (And I don't even know how to do cartwheels!)  I do wish that she'd dyed her hair brunette because in the book, Marlena has brunette hair.  But I'll let it slide because Ms. Witherspoon is such a fabulous actress.  And as for Robert Pattinson, well... I can't say I'm on "Team Edward."  And honestly,

Hump Day!

   (image via: here .) This isn't your ordinary Hump Day!  After today, I'm "over the hump" of Finals Week.  Well, in actuality... Thursday is my last day.  I have 2 finals tomorrow---one right after the other!  Ugh.  At least I don't have any Friday, right? Well, in case you need a study break or a few minutes of procrastination, here are my recommendations:  If all that classical music (for making you a more productive studier) is making your ears bleed, listen to .  Seriously, it's a godsend.  There are streaming music channels and lots of playlists.  I prefer "Rage" because it has thee best selection of party/dancing music.  But you can pick "Day Drinkin'," "Dubstep," or "Chillin'" of those suit your study break better. ;) If your eyes hurt from staring at textbooks all day, check out I Want to Be Her .  Andrea Linett (former creative director of Lucky magazine) features illustrations and p

Bear with me...

It's officially finals week.  So bear with me as I may or may not get around to publishing a post every day this week.  But this semester is almost over---I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I hope you all rocked your own finals!  And if your finals week is this week, too... good luck to ya! One pretty awesome thing that happened this week: Lovely Undergrad passed 300 "Followers"!  I'm quite psyched and flattered.  I know that there are even more of you that subscribe via RSS readers, e-mail, and by just checking in on the site.  So thank you for your support---I definitely have the loveliest readers ever. :) Be sure to enter the Ms. Taken Femme Fatale ring giveaway if you haven't already!

Finals Fashion

With the stress of exams, your wardrobe is probably the last thing on your mind.  If you haven't already gone to class all semester in the classic combination of fleece, sweatpants, and uggs... now's the time that you feel most tempted to throw them on.  But stop.  If only for a second.  You can be cute AND comfy.  Repeat that to yourself until you believe it.  Just because you suddenly have more studying to do doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style.  The two "But This" get-ups above are perfect examples of style can be easy and comfortable.  Remember this basic formula: Jeans + Boots + Tee + Cardigan + Scarf.  You won't be sacrificing valuable study time because this outfit can be pulled together in five minutes.  Bonus points for throwing on an accessory such as a bold bracelet or smart pair of glasses.  So instead of slouching into the lecture hall in sweats, you'll be strutting in with confidence and style.  Also, check out this fab post over

Ms. Taken Giveaway!!

  "Work the room in disguise. Who says being engaged is all that? The biggest upside is being left alone, once people spot a ring on your left hand. Whether you're trying to dodge dodgy dudes at the bar, heading to a reunion or visiting your nagging grandmother, slip on your Ms.Taken ring and act as if. It says committed, without the commitment.   Polished to a perfect shine, this 2-carat Australian crystal is set in a simple stainless steel band. It starts as a size 7, which your jeweler can easily adjust for you. The classic, simple, elegant design pairs perfectly with any style – and no one will guess that it isn't a genuine diamond."  (Via the Ms. Taken website .)   Ms. Taken was kind enough to send me a Femme Fatale ring . I excited opened it and was pleasantly surprised by how realistic (and shiny!) the ring is.  Plus, it comes with a handy key-chain case to carry it around in and a set of witty Playaz cards featuring "unsuitable suitors."

Attention Bloggers!!

I need to update my blogroll.   If you blog about college, fashion, beauty, decorating, diy projects, and other misc. please leave a comment with your URL + the category your blog's content mostly fits under.   Also, please let me know if you have a link to Lovely Undergrad on your blog's main page.  I'd like to return the favor by giving you some link love on the LU main page. ;) Cheers!

Outwear Must-Haves | Part II

ow-avtrsbmbrs by lovelyundergrad featuring bombers jackets Master these classical cool aviator and bomber jackets and you'll be feeling fly in no time.  Foxy Flirt: This look is for heading out on the town.  Pick an unfussy leather bomber that can be dressed up with a sequin tank and glitzy accessories.  Opt for curve-hugging skinny jeans and cute leather booties to complete the look.  Girl-next-door:  Perfect for heading to class and other everyday activities, this ensemble calls for a furry-collared aviator.  Throw it over anything---especially your favorite fair of skinnies, a comfy tee, and boots that are made for walkin'.  Classy Lady:  Who knew a bomber could be so ladylike?  Select a jacket that falls at the hip, zips up instead of buttons, and features soft fur.  Keep things classic by wearing a slimming pair of bootcut jeans, sleek brown booties, and a cashmere top.  The peacoat should be a wardrobe staple---it's great for all body types, is extremely vers

Outerwear Must-Haves | Part I

Capes look sophisticated for nights at the opera, evenings on the plaza, and other swanky ordeals.  Wear your cape over a cute dress and keep your legs warm with tights.  Add the final touch with a pair of smart oxford heels.  Little Red Riding Cape:  A vibrant scarlet cape compliments a red and brown plaid dress and chocolatey tights and oxfords.  Winter Floral:  No need to put away the florals just yet; just warm 'em up with black tights and oxfords.  Take a cue from Mister Sherlock by choosing a khaki-hued cape.  Navy + Mustard:  A navy cape and pair of dark blue tights ground this gorgeous goldenrod dress and bold yellow oxfords.  Military jackets are all the rage---but how can you soldier up without going too army?  Start out with a pair of great skinny jeans and knee-high boots. Select a simple blouse in a color sure to compliment your jacket.  Teal + Charcoal: A flowy turquoise top serves as a happy medium between washed-out blue denim and rich charcoal.  Navy + Camel