Finals Fashion


With the stress of exams, your wardrobe is probably the last thing on your mind.  If you haven't already gone to class all semester in the classic combination of fleece, sweatpants, and uggs... now's the time that you feel most tempted to throw them on.  But stop.  If only for a second.  You can be cute AND comfy.  Repeat that to yourself until you believe it.  Just because you suddenly have more studying to do doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style.  The two "But This" get-ups above are perfect examples of style can be easy and comfortable.  Remember this basic formula: Jeans + Boots + Tee + Cardigan + Scarf.  You won't be sacrificing valuable study time because this outfit can be pulled together in five minutes.  Bonus points for throwing on an accessory such as a bold bracelet or smart pair of glasses.  So instead of slouching into the lecture hall in sweats, you'll be strutting in with confidence and style. 

Also, check out this fab post over at College Candy featuring "The 8 People You Will Meet in the Library During Finals."  You'll laugh because it's true. ;)  Good luck on your tests everyone!!


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Renee said...

FINALLY! It has been one of my most dreaded college fashion faux paus! Its like these girls have worn out all their good clothes and are left with whatever is at the bottom of their closets. Either that, or they have covered themselves in glue and jumped into their closet, wearing whatever stuck.

Sweatpants and boots with the fur are never never never good choices. You better be going to the gym in a snow storm, that is all I have to say.

Not to mention the fact that knowing you are comfortable but dressed nicely (which will also make people respect you more) will set off a self-esteem boost that will do wonders for your confidence. Not being worried about how you look will allow you to focus on the important things, such as studying.

And if they are like me, they can just plan their outfits for the week/end ahead of time. That will save them time picking an outfit later and rationalizing those those horrible sweats!