Hump Day!

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This isn't your ordinary Hump Day!  After today, I'm "over the hump" of Finals Week.  Well, in actuality... Thursday is my last day.  I have 2 finals tomorrow---one right after the other!  Ugh.  At least I don't have any Friday, right?
Well, in case you need a study break or a few minutes of procrastination, here are my recommendations: 

If all that classical music (for making you a more productive studier) is making your ears bleed, listen to FratMusic.com.  Seriously, it's a godsend.  There are streaming music channels and lots of playlists.  I prefer "Rage" because it has thee best selection of party/dancing music.  But you can pick "Day Drinkin'," "Dubstep," or "Chillin'" of those suit your study break better. ;)
If your eyes hurt from staring at textbooks all day, check out I Want to Be Her.  Andrea Linett (former creative director of Lucky magazine) features illustrations and photos of stylish women she meets on the street, in shops, etc. and breaks down their style.  It makes for great fashion inspiration.

And lastly, a site that gobbled up precious hours of last night's sleepy-time... I present: Damn You Auto Correct!  I don't have an iPhone, but this website makes me want one just for the sheer hilarity of embarrassing, disgusting, and WTF text/chat messages.  Consider yourselves warned though when I say that you will become addicted.  I sat in my apartment living all alone last night reading auto correct mishaps---I laughed so hard I had tears!

Okay---now to spend the rest of my day NOT procrastinating with FratMusic, I Want to Be Her, or Damn You Auto Correct... and study instead!!



Brittany M. said...

Hahahaha oh my gosh, DYAC is the best thing ever. I found it a couple of months ago, but I rediscovered it last night. Glad to know I'm not the only one who was laughing so hard I was crying ;)

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is my last day of finals too. Oh, I am going to be so happy and enjoy the Christmas break!

Good luck!

Kerstina said...

haha, the damn you autocorrect is awesome. great.. i found another site to deter me away from studying as well.