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Does your desk space need help?

College Candy has teamed up with organization expert Pete Walsh to bring one lucky reader a lovely new workspace!  Winner gets a new desk, message board, file tray, cord management station, portable inbox station, expanding files, writing board, notebooks, letter tray, ottoman with hanging files inside, and more!   Head on over to College Candy to find out how to enter right now!

Cute, Clutter-free Apartment

  I came across this little apartment via Apartment Therapy .  I love how crisp, clean and clutter-free it is.  The space itself is gorgeous---hardwood floors, white walls, thick moldings, built-in shelves.   These dark gold vintage chairs are fetching, yes?     I like the idea of placing a desk near the entrance way.  It's a perfect place to set your keys, cell phone, etc and hang your purse.     What a relaxing bedroom!  The hanging paper lanterns give whimsical, cloud-like feel.  I also like the layered rugs.     And don't even get me started on the milk-glass vase!  Lovely. :) Check out the original post at Apartment Therapy to learn more about this space.

Her Campus

Hey lovelies! In case you've been wondering where I've been lately, I owe you an explanation.  I'm will be serving as the Her Campus Campus Correspondent for my college, Iowa State University.  In case you've never heard of Her Campus (shame on you! go check it out!)... it is an online media platform and magazine written by college journalists for college women.  Each branch updates readers on school news, profiles campus celebrities and cuties, highlights events and shares relevant stories that are personalized for women at that particular college.  All that content is a supplement to , an online magazine for all college women.   As Campus Correspondent... I've been busy getting the word out, messing around with social media, recruiting and building a staff, getting organized, brainstorming ideas and preparing content for the February 8 launch!  This is all very exciting!  A little overwhelming, but so far I haven't been stressed out.  I thriv

Win Free Textbooks for a Year!

Interested in winning free textbooks for a year?  That's a big lump of money saved.  CollegeCandy has teamed up with BookRenter for a giveaway of FREE textbook rentals for an entire year ---valued at $1,000!  So head on over now and enter . ;)

Scarlett O'Hara, Part III | Fashion Muse

It's the final installment of the Scarlett O'Hara-inspired fashion series.  And I've definitely saved the best for last...   ;) It is time to showcase Scarlett's ultra-sexy red gown that Rhett makes her wear to dinner at Ashley and Melanie's house.  It is form-fitting, sparkly, feathery, and the most seductive shade of scarlet. Be sure to wear lots of rouge.  (Rhett's orders.) Look red hot for any event by employing Scarlett's bold use of crimson.  The first dress really embodies the spirit of Scarlett's gown: form-fitting, sparkly, and even poofy sleeves!  Sex it up with sky-high heels and bright lipstick and you're ready to paint the town red.  The second dress screams "satin seductress" and pairs perfectly with silky pumps and a vintage-inspired clutch in the same hue.  To really stand out in a crowd, opt for a modern interpretation of Scarlett's eye-catching dress, like the third one here.  Accessorize with red st

Scarlett O'Hara, Part II | Fashion Muse

For the second installment of Scarlett-inspired fashion, I'm focusing on the dress (and moment) that really made me fall in love with the movie.  (Curtains and sewing machine optional.) That moment was when Scarlett turned green velvet curtains into a fashionable gown that brought out the emerald in her eyes and brought Rhett Butler (hopefully) to his knees.  And I can promise you that as a girl of eight, I re-enacted this scene time and time again with my Barbie dolls.  This dress was made to be dressed up---after all, it is what Scarlett wore to Atlanta to catch the eye (and hopefully money) of a certain Mr. Butler.  In the first outfit, the focus is on the jacket-like aspect of Scarlett's green gown.  A velvet green blazer looks divine over a little black dress.  Matching shoes, a satin clutch, and emerald jewelry pull it together for a night out on the town.  For the second look, a vintage-inspired dress echoes Scarlett's hourglass silhouette.  Wi

Scarlett O'Hara, Part I | Fashion Muse

On this date back in 1940, 'Gone with the Wind' was released into U.S. theaters.  I still remember the first time I ever saw it.  I was young (seven or eight) and watched it at my grandma's house.  Scarlett immediately captivated me.  And as for Rhett Butler, well... I've been hopelessly head-over-heels for him since.  Because GWTW is my most favorite movie ever , I've decided to pull a little fashion inspiration from Scarlett and share it on Lovely Undergrad as a three-part wardrobe series.  What girl wouldn't wanna dress like Miss O'Hara? We'll begin today with Scarlett as the sweet (haha) Southern belle who flounces from party to party and flirts with all the county boys.  She's pretty, sassy, and boasts the smallest waistline for miles.  The attire of inspiration is Scarlett's frilly white frock with its billows of lace and bright red belt.  To channel some Southern charm and be the belle of your own ball, focus on feminine whites and cherry

Pretty Planners for a New Start

<a href=""> Widgets</a> Here's a round-up of pretty planners to get your new semester/new year off to the right start. Which one do I have? The pink U-Chic planner. :)

Hello, Spring Semester 2011!

(image via: here .) Tomorrow (well, technically today---since the clock just struck midnight) begins my Spring 2011 semester!  First of all, I want to apologize for a lack of posting this weekend.  I had to take a little break.  You see, I've had a bit more than usual going on: a very exciting opportunity to prepare for (which I'll give the deets on soonly, I promise!) and attempts to get my apartment re-organized before classes get too hectic.  I succeeded in the first. And while my laundry has been sorted and desk cleaned out---there's still much organization to be desired in my bedroom.  I just wanted to let you know that: No, I have not dropped off of the face of the earth.  And I have plenty of super-duper start-of-the-new-semester posts lined up for you this week!  So check in everyday. ;) Here's to new profs, new friends, new ideas and new beginnings! Much love for my lovely undergrads!!

Unexpcted Color Inspiration: Pink + Gold

Who knew that hot pink and goldenrod paired soooo well together?   There's lots more to this fresh-faced apartment.  Check out the original post at .

Tonight: Greek + Pretty Little Liars

  Need something good to watch?  My favorite show 'Greek' returns tonight!  (It's been far too long and I can't wait to see what's up with Casey, Cappie, and the gang.)  Plus, there's an all-day marathon leading up to 'Pretty Little Liars," which is as addicting as it gets.   I know where this semester's Monday nights will be spent... plopped down in front of the tv. :S

Have a Lovely 2011

  Dear Lovelies, I hope that 2011 brings you laughter, love, happiness, and adventure. Cheers!