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Hey lovelies!

In case you've been wondering where I've been lately, I owe you an explanation.  I'm will be serving as the Her Campus Campus Correspondent for my college, Iowa State University.  In case you've never heard of Her Campus (shame on you! go check it out!)... it is an online media platform and magazine written by college journalists for college women.  Each branch updates readers on school news, profiles campus celebrities and cuties, highlights events and shares relevant stories that are personalized for women at that particular college.  All that content is a supplement to HerCampus.com, an online magazine for all college women.  

As Campus Correspondent... I've been busy getting the word out, messing around with social media, recruiting and building a staff, getting organized, brainstorming ideas and preparing content for the February 8 launch!  This is all very exciting!  A little overwhelming, but so far I haven't been stressed out.  I thrive on this kinda stuff.  

I know that in the past, I've managed to post pretty much daily on Lovely Undergrad.  Lovely Undergrad will by no means fall by the wayside.  But my publishing schedule will be undergoing some changes.  Expect 4-5 posts a week versus the typically 6-7.  Once I get myself into a routine, things should pick up again.  

So anyways... I hope your Spring Semesters have started out well!  Keep stopping by.  Be sure to check out Her Campus and see if your college has a branch.  And check out Her Campus Iowa State on February 8---when all my hard work will pay off!!


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Lauren said...


I've been following your blog for quite some time now & almost died when I saw this post!!! My roommate & I are going to be launching her campus' BYU branch on the 8th as well! We're not as caught up with the whole thing, but we're getting there! I look forward to working with you on her campus assignments in the future!!!