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Jutta's Spring-Hued Home

Doesn't this color palette make you thirsty for springtime?  Mellow greenish yellow and that crisp light turquoise are such a lovely pair.  Jutta is a graphic designer who lives in Finland and this is her colorful abode.  Forget any fondness I've ever had for ottomans or coffee tables---a trunk on wheels... I want! Loving the metal lantern and candle-holder on the coffee table. I'm not usually a fan of pink.  But this shade of cotton-candy pink pair with that oh-so-retro teal... love it!  This is a cupboard bursting with eye-candy: vintage tins, glass canisters, pretty labels and a cupcake!  Plus, I love the old metal tray. Another view of the kitchen.  Even the calendar matches (...for this month anyway)! Ooooh, I spy a typewriter.  The scarlet sheen of this console is stunning up against cool teal.  Close-up shot of the kitchen counter.  I'm experiencing serious furniture envy right now.  That graceful silhouette, rich wood and plush velvet---I've always wa

Portland Apartment Bursting with Vintage

This is Mary Kate McDevitt 's apartment in Portland, Oregon.  I love it because it is full to the brim with vintage goodies!  Pictured above is a perfect example of a futon that doesn't even look like a futon---layered with a plush comforter and several pillows, it took me several glances to even realize it was a futon.  Vintage posters, prints and burlap decorate the walls.  And oooh! I spot a Domino on the coffee table. Here's the entry to the apartment.  "Work Hard & Be Nice to People"--I think this print needs to be posted everywhere!  To the left, prints are displayed on clipboards. Here's another view of the living room, facing the dining area.  This room has so many eclectic details that I really dig, like the stack of books under the dining room table and the mismatched chairs.  Built-ins in the kitchen.  Lucky girl.  I've always wanted built-ins.  An office space just off the kitchen.  Love love love the checkered floors a

100 Square Meter Apartment in Berlin

  Let's take a tour of Lillian Day's apartment .  The 100 square-meter, 3.5 room apartment is located on the ground floor of a 100-year-old building in Berlin, Germany.     The color of green painted on the wall behind the sink is gorgeous.  And I love all the little details: the neat row of spices in identical corked glass bottles, the owl perched on a small vintage radio, and the artwork. This is the type of chair that I dream of finding at antique and thrift stores---lush green color, mid-century modern feel, timeless silhouette.   I'm a huge fan of gray and white stripes.  (In fact, I'm wearing a gray-and-white-striped cardigan right now...hmmm...)   I always say that my favorite color is turquoise, but charcoal comes up a close second.  This deep gray finds its way into my wardrobe and decor.  I love it on Lillian's bedroom walls.  It looks beautiful with the ivory trim and rich blue curtains. Cute wallflowers, a yellow lamp that pops and a curled

Order Obsessed Studio Apartment

Welcome to Laura Cattano's studio apartment.  Cattano is a professional organizer---one of those people who I envy for their "everything has its place" skills.  I drool over organization.  I attempt organization.  ...But more often than not, I end up being one of those "creative chaos" people.  So when I came across this organized and chic apartment it inspired some serious space envy.  There's lots of small space storage solutions to take away from this place! These metal bookcases provide industrial yet elegantly modern storage for Cattano's bar, books and boxes.  The alcove of the studio apartment serves double duty as a wardrobe... ...and an office space. I just love the toilet area.  The tray, especially. And, of course, a neat stack of magazines. A clean, functional kitchen.  Loving all the white.  Cattano used an L-shaped bookend to store a few bottles of wine in the cupboard.  I'

Pink and Yellow, Pink and Yellow

  A blushing coral-ly shady of pink + cheerful yellow. Aaahhhh, you know what it is...  Pink and yellow, pink and yellow, pink and yellow. We can't let Valentine's Day pass without celebrating with some pink-infused decor.  But let's move past the oh-so-stereotypical pairing of pink and red, shall we? Pink and yellow make for a lovely color couple and they've been spotted together all over the design world:   Rich raspberry + mellow yellow.  (Sounds tasty, yes?)   Deep reddish pink + oriental yellow.   Pretty ballet pink + glam gold.   Pale pink + burnished dark gold.   Bold goldenrod + flirty hot pink.   Pop-art yellow + fun fuchsia.   Golden yellow + deep reddish pink + pale pink.