100 Square Meter Apartment in Berlin

Let's take a tour of Lillian Day's apartment.  The 100 square-meter, 3.5 room apartment is located on the ground floor of a 100-year-old building in Berlin, Germany.  

The color of green painted on the wall behind the sink is gorgeous.  And I love all the little details: the neat row of spices in identical corked glass bottles, the owl perched on a small vintage radio, and the artwork.

This is the type of chair that I dream of finding at antique and thrift stores---lush green color, mid-century modern feel, timeless silhouette.  

I'm a huge fan of gray and white stripes.  (In fact, I'm wearing a gray-and-white-striped cardigan right now...hmmm...)  

I always say that my favorite color is turquoise, but charcoal comes up a close second.  This deep gray finds its way into my wardrobe and decor.  I love it on Lillian's bedroom walls.  It looks beautiful with the ivory trim and rich blue curtains.

Cute wallflowers, a yellow lamp that pops and a curled-up snuggly kitty. Perfect.

I love low-profile couches.  I also like
the & hung between the windows.  

A bright desk space.  And colorful pom garland.  Cute. 

The bibliophile in me is swooning.  So many books!  So much color!  And a chair nearby to curl up with a great book or magazine.  

I'm always looking for ways to store my own scarves... so I'm quite taken with this method of clothes-pinning them to a string across a short, empty expanse of wall. 

   I thought these plants in shiny aluminum buckets were uber-adorable.

For more pics of Lillian's lovely apartment, check out her Flickr photostream here.  (All photos in this post belong to Lillian Day.) 



Brittany said...

I have no idea where you find all of these great photos, but I just love your blog!

Keep it up! It's one of my favorites :)

Jessica Rose said...

The cute decorations in the kitchen really grab my attention - I feel like most people don't think to put pictures and/or knick-knacks there and instead view it merely based on functionality. The kitchen is a room too! Equality! haha. I also love the "&" between the windows - small piece, big statement.

Cori said...

did you make the wallflowers or buy those somewhere?