Order Obsessed Studio Apartment

Welcome to Laura Cattano's studio apartment.  Cattano is a professional organizer---one of those people who I envy for their "everything has its place" skills.  I drool over organization.  I attempt organization.  ...But more often than not, I end up being one of those "creative chaos" people.  So when I came across this organized and chic apartment it inspired some serious space envy.  There's lots of small space storage solutions to take away from this place!

These metal bookcases provide industrial yet elegantly modern storage for Cattano's bar, books and boxes. 

The alcove of the studio apartment serves double duty as a wardrobe...

...and an office space.

I just love the toilet area.  The tray, especially.
And, of course, a neat stack of magazines.

A clean, functional kitchen.  Loving all the white. 

Cattano used an L-shaped bookend to store a few bottles of
wine in the cupboard.  I'm totally borrowing this creative idea.

Her sleeping area is so tranquil.

Here's the floor plan Cattano drew up when figuring
out where to put everything in the small studio.

You should really head over to Laura Cattano's photostream on Flickr.  Her albums are full of the before-and-after pics of her studio apartment, in-progress photo and even shots of previous living spaces.  She also has a great blog called The Order Obsessed---definitely worth a peek if you need some creative and chic organization solutions.  Visit her website for more about her professional organization business.

All photos in this post are from Laura Cattano's Flickr photostream and are property of Lauara Cattano.

Now... tell me that you're not inspired to go organize your bathroom right now. 



Becky said...

This is seriously an amazing apartment! It gives me hope for my own tiny space. :]

Jessica Rose said...

Not going to lie, as soon as I saw the bathroom pictures I started writing down ways to improve my own tiny bathroom. Laura is definitely an inspiration!

Unknown said...

absolutely love the space!! it almost makes me want a studio apartment! LOL

Michelle Leigh said...

So beautiful! If my apartment ever looked that orderly, I think my family and friends would demand I receive professional psychological attention. :) Great post!!

laura said...

thanks everyone! and thanks jessica for all the kind words. :O)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bathroom. Colors are perfect. I will do the same at my new loft. I wonder if Bristol heating systems also do this kind of stuff.

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