Portland Apartment Bursting with Vintage

This is Mary Kate McDevitt's apartment in Portland, Oregon.  I love it because it is full to the brim with vintage goodies!  Pictured above is a perfect example of a futon that doesn't even look like a futon---layered with a plush comforter and several pillows, it took me several glances to even realize it was a futon.  Vintage posters, prints and burlap decorate the walls.  And oooh! I spot a Domino on the coffee table.

Here's the entry to the apartment.  "Work Hard & Be Nice to People"--I think this print needs to be posted everywhere!  To the left, prints are displayed on clipboards.

Here's another view of the living room, facing the dining area.  This room has so many eclectic details that I really dig, like the stack of books under the dining room table and the mismatched chairs. 

Built-ins in the kitchen.  Lucky girl.  I've always wanted built-ins. 

An office space just off the kitchen.  Love love love the
checkered floors and the globe on top of the fridge.

This white chair with the gold crushed velvet is sooo cute.  I like the overhead lighting, too.

Check it out---a table that opens and closes
makes for a perfect, space-saving work space.

Mary Kate McDevitt is a an illustrator living and working in Portland.  Check out her Etsy shop, blog, and website.  (All photos in this post belong to Mary Kate McDevitt. To see more, check out her Flickr photostream.) 



Jessica Rose said...

ooooo, I love the clipboard idea! that way you can constantly change the art in your home, or rotate in things that inspire you. I might have to find a way to use this in my office area.

Leah said...

Ah! Without even seeing the comment above mine I was going to gush about the clipboard "frames" too!! I love them -I'll have to file away the idea for my apartment next year! :)

Alissa B said...

I love the vintage telephone near the office area. Usually when people go vintage they tend to go overboard, but in this case everything fits together. I would take inspiration from it, because I work from home too with a virtual office makati setup.