Are you a Lovely Undergrad?

We all know that dorms aren't the prettiest spaces to live in.  College budgets can't afford a Gossip Girl wardrobe.  Our cooking skills pale in comparison to Rachel Ray.  And communal bathrooms are associated with harrowing experiences.  Lovely Undergrad is all about making college lovely. Whether it's diy solutions to decorating your dorm or apartment or putting together Blair Waldorf-esque ensembles using sale scores and thrift store finds.  From learning to cook simple, healthy meals to making the communal bathroom as un-terrifying as possible...

How do you make your college life lovely?  Lovely Undergrad wants to know and wants to feature Lovely Undergrads all over the nation (and world!) to showcase all the loveliness that's out there in colleges and to give hope to all the students struggling to find loveliness in their college lives.

So whatever is your lovely niche (decor, fashion, food, entertainment, beauty, health, you-name-it)... tell LU what makes YOU a Lovely Undergrad.

Fill out this form and LU will be in touch!


1 comment:

Leah said...

Ahh! This is soo cool! I don't think I'm lovely undergrand status yet- but it's my goal to make my room next fall up to those standards- it'd be a dream to be featured on here! heheh. :)