Ask Lovely Undergrad!

Have a dorm decor dilemma or rental revamp request?  Need a small space solution for your place?  Lovely Undergrad is here to help out!  Due to a large influx of readers requesting decor tips for their personal space, LU is starting a new feature that allows you to get advice personalized for your dwelling.  Please send all photos and advice requests to asklovelyu@live.com.  Photos of your space will be featured on the blog along with creative, budget-friendly ideas for a lovely transformation.  Be sure to include your name, school, information about you, budget, decor likes and dislikes, restrictions (such as not being able to paint or hang things on the walls) and anything else relevant to your place.  If you have sent photos in the past, please re-send them to asklovelyu@live.com so that your space can be addressed. After transforming your space, feel free to send "after" photos so that I can feature them on the blog, too!

I'm super excited about this new aspect of LU and can't wait to help you all with your dorms and apartments!


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Janeth Winslet O. Connor said...

I am actually on the look for new homes for sale. I'll message you in case I've already decided on a house.