Hot Pink in Portugal

It's a dreary, wintry day here in Iowa.  O Spring, why must you be such a tease?  I came across this gorgeous, pink-infused space and fell in love.  Luz Vasconcelos' Portugal home is so warm and rich that I simply must share it with you on this cold afternoon. 

I love the distressed cupboard in the background---it has so much character.  And its shelves are painted turquoise!  The table looks so inviting with its mix of pattern and color.  

Ah! Look at that pink!  Soo pretty.

Luz has a way with mixing florals, colors and patterns effortlessly.  And I'm extremely jealous of the small card catalog she uses as a nightstand.  

 This cozy corner takes a break from the hot pink by
incorporating deep blue, rich purple and buttery yellow.

Floral patterns + stacks of books + antique fireplace = decorgasm.

You know by now that damask absolutely brings me to my knees.  Gorgeous.

Definitely going to have to borrow this idea of storing/displaying books in an old suitcase.

Luz has so many photos of her home that it was so difficult to pick which ones to share.  So you should definitely head over and browse her Flickr photostream.

All photos in this post belong to Luz Vasconcelos.



Leah said...

I don't typically like pink, but this is so pretty it's hard not too! :)

Danny said...

Kitsch, isn't it?

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