White + Neutrals Never Looked So Lovely

Welcome to Mari's beautiful Tokyo apartment.  With 750 square feet and being unable to paint, Marie turned the space into a lovely, organized haven decorated in beachy white and neutrals. 

A cute blue chair sits in the foyer as a place to keep Mari's eco-friendly bag and the shoes she and her husband wear every day.

Isn't this space calm and inviting?  I envy Mari's superb organizational skills.  There's so much crisp white in the apartment, but the natural materials and vintage accents make it cozy and comfortable.

This is Mari's "Ultimate Geek Nook," where her husband spends much of his time. 

Here's where those enviable organizational skills come front and center.  Baskets, boxes, you-name-it.  I want one of these shelving units sooooo bad.

I think this is such a lovely vignette---the turquoise bottle, the glass jar, the vintage clock, the stack of books and that adorable airplane.  Her cat is quite cute, too. :)  Marie has two golden rules for organization.  1. Things must have easy access.  2.  There must be some room left to grow, edit and/or add. 

I'm a sucker for vintage prints.  This Cinderalla one is oh-so-pretty.

Mari's ultra-cozy seating in the living room.

More amazing shelving + organization.

I had to share a photo of her kitchen, too, because I love when things are kept in glass jars and wicker baskets.  The mugs hung from the cupboards are cute, too.

To see more of Mari's photos, check out her Flickr photostream here.  All photos in this post belong to Mari/almostbunnies.



Alyssa said...

I love the mugs hung from the cupboards. In fact I really do love all of it. It seems like such a relaxing place to come home to.

Anonymous said...

A calm space.

Sanem said...

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