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I'd rather be blogging...

Three weeks without a post! :(  College classes have gotten intense.  And while I assure you that I'd rather be posting about lovely things here on Lovely Undergrad, I've had to pour my energy and focus into un-lovely things like homework and exams.   I'm half-way through my last week of regular classes.  Next week is Dead Week.  And then comes FINALS week!  :S  Wish me luck, lovelies!  I wish you luck on all your finals as well!  I have so much good news and lovely ideas for upcoming posts and the entire summer.  So hold tight and in the meantime, check out my posts on Her Campus Iowa State .  And keep applying to be a featured Lovely Undergrad!

T-Shirt Bras | Guest Post

This guest post comes courtesy of Janet Brentano at the blog Classy Bras . In addition to an informative blog about bras, she has just published a " Bra Buyer's Guide " featuring a list of 100 of the best bras. Would you look at that, it's nearly summer already! This of course means that your summer clothes are making their way to the front of your wardrobe, and the question of what to wear under your favorite summer tops and dresses comes to mind. Enter: The T-Shirt bra. This wonderful bra has become increasingly popular lately, and is your solution to all sorts of summer wardrobe problems. But, what exactly is a t-shirt bra, and why are they so great for summer? What problems do they solve? Let's take a look at the greatest invention in the history of womankind. (Well, OK. Maybe the second best) What exactly is a T-Shirt bra? T-shirt bras defy categorization in a lot of ways. They can be full-coverage or demi-cup style; strapless, or strapped, padded or non pa