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This guest post comes courtesy of Janet Brentano at the blog Classy Bras. In addition to an informative blog about bras, she has just published a "Bra Buyer's Guide" featuring a list of 100 of the best bras.
Would you look at that, it's nearly summer already! This of course means that your summer clothes are making their way to the front of your wardrobe, and the question of what to wear under your favorite summer tops and dresses comes to mind. Enter: The T-Shirt bra. This wonderful bra has become increasingly popular lately, and is your solution to all sorts of summer wardrobe problems. But, what exactly is a t-shirt bra, and why are they so great for summer? What problems do they solve? Let's take a look at the greatest invention in the history of womankind. (Well, OK. Maybe the second best)

What exactly is a T-Shirt bra?

T-shirt bras defy categorization in a lot of ways. They can be full-coverage or demi-cup style; strapless, or strapped, padded or non padded; molded or non-molded; underwired or soft-cupped; and made from a variety of materials. The defining characteristic of most t-shirt bras is seamlessesness. While many bras have seams on the cup, t-shirt bras do not. This helps the bra stay invisible under clothes. T-Shirt bras also do not usually have fancy embellishments such as lace.

T-Shirt bras are your summer wardrobe's best friend.

The styles of summer tend to be a bit thinner and a bit more revealing. T-Shirt bras address these issues in a variety of ways. Because they're seamless, they don't show lines. Many of them are molded providing you a flattering shape. They are available in many strapless and convertible styles, so you can wear tops with thin or no straps without your bra showing. Many t-shirt bras are also padded, which can give you a nice boost. Molded style t-shirt bras are great at providing excellent shape under your clothes. They will make you look and feel great.

T-Shirt bra tips:

At this point, you're probably like "Great, sign me up!" Let's talk some tips about finding that perfect t-shirt bra.

T-shirt Bra Color:

The first issue is color. I always recommend picking a color that is close to your skin tone. Even the most fair-skinned of women don't have white skin. If this describes you, check out some light pink, ivory, or light beige bras. If you have darker skin, look in to brown or darker beige colors. White bras and black bras are not invisible, regardless of how light or dark your skin is.

T-shirt Bra Styles:

If you can only get one bra for summer, you should probably consider a convertible or strapless style. You'll be able to wear this kind of bra in the most situations: Strapless when you're wearing a strapless top, criss-cross if you're wearing a racerback style top, or even in the conventional way if you're just wearing a regular t-shirt.

T-shirt bra Coverage:

Every woman is different. Some of us are petite, some of us are curvy. The important thing is to be honest about your body unique body shape when you're buying bras. Petite women sometimes have a hard time filling full cups, and curvy women sometimes can't get over the feeling that they're going to fall out of their demi-cup bra, or worse: The dreaded "4 boob" look. Picking a bra that is appropriate to your shape is going to give you the best appearance and most comfort.

Are T-Shirt bras always the best choice?

T-Shirt bras are very versatile. Just because the bra is seamless, doesn't mean you cant't wear it under your heavy sweaters during the middle of winter. Of course, in some situations, t-shirt bras may not be the best choice. For example, due to their seamless nature, t-shirt bras aren't always going to provide the best support--especially if you are more curvy and have more to support. T-Shirt bras are also not always the sexiest bras you can wear, although there certainly are t-shirt bras in fun colors and prints.

The Best T-Shirt Bras:

T-Shirt bras have exploded in popularity in recent years, and there are many styles from just about every brand available. There are a few notable t-shirt bras, however, that have become THE go-to bras for summer. Let's take a look:

Le Mystere Dream Tisha Bra:

The Dream Tisha is a very popular bra. It is always on the "best bras" lists, and even Oprah endorses it. It is a full-coverage style, and amazingly invisible. It has seamless cups and a brilliantly hidden underwire. The microfiber fabric is soft and luxurious. Le Mystere is also really good about offering bras in a variety of skin tones. Sure, the Dream Tisha is a bit more expensive than many other bras, but it hold up when other bras quit, and you will feel so good in it.

Panache Porcelain Molded Strapless Bra:

Panache is a harder brand to find, but anyone who is serious about style and fit should seek them out. The Porcelain bra is a demi-cup and strapless style with seamless, molded cups. This bra provides great shaping, invisibility under clothes, and amazing versatility. Panache bras come in a huge variety of sizes, although most of them are D-cup+. If you are petite with a large bust, Panache is the brand for you.

Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein has been in the underwear business forever (Remember Marty McFly in Back to the Future?), and has more recently begun producing excellent t-shirt bras for women in the petite to average size ranges. While these bras are generally no-frills, they are amazingly comfortable and invisible under clothing. Because Calvin Klein seems to have specialized in this size range, they have a decent variety of t-shirt bras perfect for the petite woman.

With their invisibility under summer tops and design focused on giving you a great shape, a t-shirt bra is a summer wardrobe essential. The next time you're out shopping for clothes, look around for one or two t-shirt bras. Resist the temptation to go cheap: a good t-shirt bra will last a long time, and make you feel great. One good t-shirt bra is better than two bad ones. Be sure you try on a good variety, and don't be afraid to step outside of your size to achieve the best fit. Hello, summer!

Thank you, Janet!! xoxo



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Love this post! I used to work at La Vie En Rose (A Canadian lingerie company) so I had my bra-snob days, but lately I haven't been taking care of my twins. I need to invest in a new bra wardrobe also. Thanks for the post!

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just letting you know I gave you an award on my blog! :)


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Playtex wirefree bra fits really well and is very supportive without being uncomfortable. The only drawback is the seam shows when I wear t-shirts or scrubs.

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