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Bedroom Out of a Box

You landed your dream internship.  Problem is... you have to pack up and move five or more hours from home or your current apartment for 10 weeks.  Relocating is stressful, especially if it's just for the summer and you have to move again come August.  Just because you have to pack light doesn't mean you have to sacrifice decor.   Imagine this space as a simple studio apartment.  For a short summer internship, you probably won't need more than a bed to crash into at night.  A vintage bed like this one is easy to take apart and is light enough to transport on your own.  You probably wont' need the big surf board or skate board.  Leave most of your decorative accessories at home to avoid clutter.   Decorate your walls with clippings from magazines you buy or favorite photos.  Additionally, a chair is easier to bring with you than a heavy nightstand.  Plus, it'll serve double-duty as a place to sit. Whether you're in a temp apartment or a school-year-long lease

Get the Look: Constanca's Home

Like Constanca's Sky Blue and Crimson Home in Lisbon ?  Lovely Undergrad has curated a grouping of products for you to buy to pull a little of Constanca's abode into your own, or to pull off all together! 1. Pretty red and white floral patterned pillows from Linens-n-More. 2. Your books will appear to be floating in mid-air with a Umbra's Conceal Book Shelf . 3. Keep storage light with the white Paxton Wall Shelf from West Elm. 4. Go for modern light fixutres, like the Ikea Barometer floor/reading lamp . 5. The "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster is everywhere---find a deal on Amazon or Etsy. 6. Short on closet space? The C oming and Going Coat Rack from Urban Outfitters to the rescue! 7. These perfectly "aged" book stacks from Wisteria offer vintage charm and hidden storage. 8. Scavenge antique shops for a white cake stand, or splurge on this beauty from Fishs Eddy . 9. You may get lucky and find a Victorian wash stand at the flea market.  If

Constanca's Sky Blue & Crimson Home in Lisbon

  Crimson and sky blue... just one of those matches made in color scheme heaven.  In this entry, a coat tree is nearby for jackets while an antique sink is the perfect place to toss keys and hang a purse.   Welcome to Constança's apartment in Lisbon, Portugal.  This pale blue floral chair is so pretty and the pop of red in the quilted pillow is adorable.  Plus, who doesn't love a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster?     I like the artwork displayed on floating shelves around the tv console.  The art takes center stage and makes the television less prominent.     A cozy reading nook accented with comic-strip artwork.     On my to-do list: invisible bookshelves.  Love love love.   How many red-and-white-checked patterns can you spot?  So cute!   Books on an elegant cake stand?  Yes, please!!   Soft shades of white are freshened up with a collection of botanical prints.  Four-posters are so dreamy.   Love the use of this old trunk as storage. I saved the best for l

Ralph Lauren Summertime Style | Guest Editorial + Outfit Inspiration

One of the most noticeable and fun aspects of the spring season is that everything brightens and begins to look its very best. The days become sunnier and longer, all sorts of plants and flowers begin to bloom, birds and other assorted animals make themselves heard and seen, and people spend more time outside socializing, exercising, swimming, or even just soaking up the sun. It is both relaxing and invigorating to see. One place at which the effects of spring upon people’s appearance is perhaps the most clear is on the average college campus, where the warming of the weather pulls students out to the quads in droves, as they show off colorful assortments of shorts, polo shirts, flip-flops and sun dresses, etc. You may have noticed this spectacle specifically on a graduation weekend, when the combination of the warm weather, celebratory moods, and the company of family and friends encourages everyone to look his or her best. Students crowd their campuses in bright colors and bright sm