Ralph Lauren Summertime Style | Guest Editorial + Outfit Inspiration

One of the most noticeable and fun aspects of the spring season is that everything brightens and begins to look its very best. The days become sunnier and longer, all sorts of plants and flowers begin to bloom, birds and other assorted animals make themselves heard and seen, and people spend more time outside socializing, exercising, swimming, or even just soaking up the sun. It is both relaxing and invigorating to see. One place at which the effects of spring upon people’s appearance is perhaps the most clear is on the average college campus, where the warming of the weather pulls students out to the quads in droves, as they show off colorful assortments of shorts, polo shirts, flip-flops and sun dresses, etc.

You may have noticed this spectacle specifically on a graduation weekend, when the combination of the warm weather, celebratory moods, and the company of family and friends encourages everyone to look his or her best. Students crowd their campuses in bright colors and bright smiles, looking relaxed and ready for the warm summer season. One can’t help seeing such a happy sight without wanting to take part; it is all connected to the inviting quality of the spring season, which compels you to look and feel your best, especially in the company of good friends and family.

To accommodate the urge so many of us have to be a part of the joyous visual appeal of spring and summer, many clothing and apparel companies, such as Ralph Lauren and various others, offer early summer collections, showing you what people will be wearing in the coming months, and how to dress the way you might picture yourself in your ideal vision of the summer. Take a look at the catalogues and stores of such companies to find out what styles and trends will be popular this summer, and start fitting yourself to your vision.

One of the best things about warm weather clothing is that you can look your best in an extremely casual way; it is possible, and indeed easy, to wear loose or warm clothing that fits you comfortably, and to still look perfectly appropriate. Celebrate the coming summer by putting away old and uncomfortable clothes, and check out your favorite nearby clothing store’s ideas and collections for the spring and summer. If nothing else, you’ll fit in perfectly with the inviting scenes of warm weather college environments, and you’ll feel and look fantastic.

Here are Lovely Undergrad's favorite Ralph Lauren looks for summertime:
1. A cute striped tank and pair of denim shorts are perfect
to pull on over your swim suit for a day at the lake.
2. Going out tonight?  Throw on a sassy zebra-print tank,
sexy pair of skinny jeans and sky-high heels to turn heads.
3. This blue and white gingham dress paired with a leather
belt and sandals is a comfy and cute look for daytime.
4. Put a vintage twist on the classic preppy polo by wearing
it with vintage floral-inspired shorts and nudge wedges.
5. Go classic and colorful in a bright yellow cardigan,
white hot shorts, a leather belt and matching wedges.
6. Heading to a wedding or formal event?  Look pretty
and pulled together in an embellished tank, satiny skirt,
nude pumps and simple pearl earrings.
7. A ladylike blouse with white shorts and pretty 
sandals is ideal for Sunday brunch with the girls.
8. Making a big appearance?  Look fabulous in a 
one-shoulder sky-blue dress and metallic sandals.

Which ensemble would you wear?



Danielle Mair said...

I love number six in the second mock up. It's very simple yet very pretty. I'm a fan of all things girly. So I would wear this.

Elise said...

Hi! I love your blog, I've been reading it for a long time - but I've never commented! I was just wondering if you could make an international student post... tips, what to bring etc. with just one suitcase. This fall I'll be starting college in the US, and I'm very excited. A lot of the stuff you write is very helpful, but not everything goes for me :)

Courtlyn Ash said...

Deff gonna have to go with the blue and white dress! So umm can I just say I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I just ran across it and flipped out! So so so cute!