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Enticed?  You should be.  Melissa, my friend and fellow intern, is a Graphic Design major at Iowa State.  She’s offering one lucky Lovely Undergrad reader a free resume makeover.  And what lovely undergrad doesn’t want to hand over a chic, custom-designed resume at her next career fair?

So to try your luck at this fabulous giveaway, simply follow the instructions on Melissa's above flyer.  Leave a comment on this post with your name, email address and dream job by 11:59 pm July 14.  We will randomly select one winner on July 15. 

While you’re anxiously waiting for the winner to be announced, head over to Melissa’s blog 20 Going on 80.  :)

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Liz said...

I'm very nearly in it - but I'd change things up a little...

I work in Communications and Rare Books at a huge academic library, and I'd love to be able to morph that into a job that helped me talk about and open up the library to people more directly. I want to be able to run workshops and find ways to bring people into the library and get them excited about archives, rare books, art and all the amazing things we have. Not just Shakespeare's first folio or Chaucer but awesome things for everyone, like some of the first games for kids or notes from speeches that grandparents heard live 50 years ago...


Holly said...

Dream Job: Fashion/Lifestyle Contributor for The Today Show



Bridget said...

My dream job would be to design school supplies. I am a graphic design major graduating May 2012!

Gwynne said...

Wow great giveaway idea!

I am in Systems Design Engineering and I have an endless list of dream jobs... but two dream jobs are currently at the top of my list:
- Software Engineer at Etsy
- Astronaut

Gotta dream big!


Christina said...

My dream job is an interior designer for luxury cabins and beach homes, or working for pinterest!

Thanks for the entry!


Anonymous said...

I am a theatre major, which seems like a strange leap to my dream job of event and wedding planning. I adore the idea of planning unique, intimate gatherings and chic parties. By my estimate, a Broadway director and David Tutera do essentially the same thing by taking hundreds of beautiful elements and combining them into one large cohesive whole. That's what I hope to do, by far. :)

Thanks for the opportunity!
- Jess

John & Kat said...

I am an art history major but would love to travel the world and host a television show like Anthony Bourdain! Traveling the world opens the mind (plus I'd be able to see all my favorite art)

Ashley said...

My dream is to become a Museum Director at a major museum of anthropology/natural history.



sSe said...

My dream is to become a representative for a sailing or naval company. Considering it combines two of the best things around: The water and boating, there's nothing better than that!

Ria said...

Just finished up my first year as Business Studies student in the UK :) my dream job would be either as a Marketing Director for a fashion magazine or Theatre Producer. Two very different sides of the spectrum but one can dream ^_^ xoxo

Anuli said...

I have so many dreams that I am currently cranking the gears to make happen. I admire the careers of women like Oprah Winfrey, Diane Sawyer, Iman and Lisa Bloom. I want to be a lawyer that advocates for the copyright infringements in the fashion industry, a legal analyst for major news networks, a philanthropist and a all around media maven. In short, I want to take over the world. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Anonymous said...

I am currently a Molecular Biology major...As a premedical student, I definitely want to be a physician, but my dream job is truly to be the next Sanjay Gupta-practicing medicine as well as being engaged in journalism and medical research!


Jennifer said...

My dream job would be working at a university or Research Hospital in the Behavioural Neuroscience section, dong daily research on brains and what chemical reactions go on inside of them in order to make us act the way we act, give us our personalities, etc.

Anonymous said...

I wake up in the morning & hey, I'm a titch cranky. That's ok though, it soon wears off because even though I'm not a morning person, my dream job gets me REVVED UP! I tumble out of my tent door (oh yeah, I said tent) & am treated to a quick peak of a beaver on the riverbank. Here it's all peaceful but I know just round that bend the water gets big, bumpy, and WHITE! I throw on some layers & start to wake up my team & my kids. Guessed what my dream job is yet? In my dream I'm a wilderness-therapy psychologist for at-risk youth who just need an extra helping hand and a dash of outdoor-adventure to realize their potential to get their own dream jobs! In my spare time i'm also an advocate for women's rights, have two golden retrievers, a horse, and teach in a Psych program at a local university. Naturally.


PS. Thanks for such an awesomely-swell giveaway.

DanielleZIntern said...

Ooooh! This sounds like fun!
I’m slooooooowly working towards my dream career (school seems to take awhile) I want to be a Lawyer and specifically deal with fashion. It would focus on creative right etc that are given to various designers and protect them from fraudulent pieces. So…. No one could copy the Valentino Rose unless they had the rights to do so. I think it would be fun because it protects the designers from being copied, and really allows them to prosecute those who produce fakes. 

Jenn said...

What an awesome giveaway!! My dream job is to be a social worker in either the medical field or the criminal justice field.



melissa said...

My dream job:

Disaster Relief Midwife!

I am a nursing student studying to be a nurse midwife. On the side, I am a chef, fashionista and craftinista!

My best example of my dream job: When the earth quake in Haiti hit, women were still having babies. The organization, Doctors Without Borders, hired some Disaster Relief Midwives to show up in awful conditions and deliver babies in extreme conditions with little supplies.

On the side, I would like to team up with medical professionals and offerSan Francisco's only non-hospital but safe birthing center. A place where women can have babies but with all of the emergency equipment on hand, just in case.

i have been working towards this dream for a 14 years. I am 33. Thank you!

Chance said...

My dream Job is to be a Social Worker!

Liz said...

My dream job is to be a news journalist at NPR or a writer for SNL.

creamcheesefrosting said...

I am a final year medical student from Australia, my dream job is to be a Neurologist specializing in stroke patients. I am very excited by the new technology that allows stroke patients to go back to their previous condition. I am looking forward in perfecting this technology and touch lives in the process.

I also want to travel and visit third world countries to give them first world health care experience with third world fee.

andrea said...

Dream job: working for Pixar


Sauce said...
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Sauce said...

I really want to do something in the sporting world. Ideally I would work for either Nike or an NFL team doing marketing. Of course I did want to be a country singer and a princess for awhile so I'd be happy those too :)


Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

Name: Michael
E-mail: missmichael22@gmail.com
What an awesome giveaway! Let's see my dream job is to be a steadily employed actor. But, after working in marketing and writing, I'd like to focus more on fiction and write novels and short stories. Thanks!! :)

StarryLovely said...

Dream Job: Hm. Full-time fashion blogger, although my major is finance. I like to do lots of things :)
Thanks for the entry!

Cynthia Hass said...

Cynthia Hass

Growing up in a place where dreams are merely thoughts has pushed me to make my dreams a reality. I wish to become a project manager or CEO of a business that puts on large events such as The Grammys or the NBA All- Star Game. I hope to bring about more awareness of current issues by cause-marketing for these events. With this experience I hope to work my way into the United Nations Foundation and become an ambassador in developing countries. I wish to give a voice to all the girls without one and grant an education to those who remain in poverty. As my career develops I wish to own my own Airport that is cause-friendly & donates much of its proceeds to those in need.
My ambitions are limitless but one constant through it all is my dream of serving others.

Thank you for this opportunity.