Paint Chip DIY Project Round Up

Here's a round up of diy projects that put paint chips on display! 

Paint chips make an easy and eye-popping display on the wall.  Check it out at Remodelista.
Apartment Therapy featured Nite's pixelated artwork created using Benjamin Moore paint chips.
I love these paint chip gift tags courtesy of Real Simple. So smart and cute!

For a tutorial on making these paint chip boxes, visit DesignVerb!

Readymade reccommends re-making a coffee table with a paint chip mosaic top.
I fond these super easy and fun bookmarks on How About Orange.
This calendar is at the top of my diy-to-do list.  Thanks, Hey...Things Change!
Now go hit up Lowe's!! :P



Shelby said...

This is such an awesome idea that I wouldve never thought of!:)


Unknown said...

OMG, this is the most amazing thing and ideas I have ever seen in my entire life!!!


Unknown said...

Oh wow! I love the bookmarks for work and the calendar and gift tag ideas for me! I'll def be using these ideas. Thanks heaps!

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