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Lovely Photo Display!

thewendychan posted this photo of her first year dorm at UCSB to the Lovely Undergrad flickr group. I love her creative photo display idea! She used Photoshop to cut a picture into squares and then got them developed.  Really pretty effect, no? (See it bigger here .) Thanks, thewendychan!

Kelsey's Colorful, Organized Dorm

   Kelsey just started her freshman year at the University of Missouri and sent me some pics of her dorm room! In decorating her shared space, Kelsey sought inspiration from online sources including Lovely Undergrad. Some ideas from this blog that inspired her and show up in her dorm: flowers, a picture clothesline, organization techniques.  Kelsey's desk space is abundant with color and inspiration. A picture clothesline and clipboard hang on the wall---both ideas she came across on Lovely Undergrad. :) Her bulletin board is filled with lots of different pins, buttons, and memorabilia she's collected over the years. Picture frames line the upper shelf.    Instead of tacking lots of little holes into the dorm walls, Kelsey purchased hanging photo pockets that put her many photos on display right next to her bed. It's easy to change them in and out. Favorite theatre posters hang above her bed. I love her colorful bedding and pretty floral pillow!    A dry-erase mini-fri

Paris, Je t'aime Dorm

Maya dressed up her SC dorm in a French theme.  Her nightstand features a vignette that includes a vintage mirror, lamp, pretty picture frames, tiny candles and perfumes, and porcelain tea cup atop pretty fabric. A college hangs on the wall--one she created to bring together the colors of the room: muted pinks, pale blues, and creamy whites. Her bed is covered with billowy bedding and frilly pillows.   Cork in painted vintage frames make for lovely message boards. Her workspace faces the window.   And she even carries the theme over into  the bathroom with a toile shower curtain. All photos in this post were posted by MayaV into HGTV's Rate My Space gallery . Head over to view more photos of her dorm.

Meg's ADPi Apartment

Decor2UrDoor's daughter Meg just moved into her first apartment. She chose coral, turquoise, and lime as colors to pop against lots of white. And being an ADPi, she filled the space with her sorority flair. I'm loving the blue and white damask curtains--very Marie Antoinette! Lovely chandelier! Revamped vintage dresser. Colorful and cute bathroom. Decor2UrDoor sells college and sorority bedding and decor, so head over if you like what you see in Meg's apartment. All the photos in this post were posted by Decor2UrDoor to the HGTV Rate My Space gallery... click here to see the rest of the apartment photos!

Handsome Apartment

It's not uncommon to walk into a college guy's apartment and be like, "Whoa!"  But it's usually because there's trash everywhere and a questionable stench in the air. But this guy's space (thanks to his mother's lovely decorating skills) is a definite winner. The space is contemporary and masculine, incorporating neutrals, black, and metallic finishes. I'm totally envious of the glass apothecary dome on the dresser (left).  And I love the tins on the shelve over the closet--smart space-saving storage solution! The workspace feels grown up and urban. The desk is clutter-free. The shelving was put together using mostly kitchen items from Ikea. A metallic picture frame and message board shine when the sleek lighting is turned on. Since the bed didn't have a headboard, they created one using wall tiles. The bamboo lamp that I'm digging is from West Elm and the bedding from Lacoste. The modern, masculine look is continued in

9x9 Living Room at the University of Arkansas

Welcome to a small but sassy 9x9 foot living room space in the Maple Dorm at the University of Arkansas. I see too many dorm rooms decked out floor to ceiling in zebra print, but this single zebra rug adds just enough sass while keeping the space classy. The room keeps to a black and white plus red theme.   This is her favorite chair--I'm in love, too! It's shiny, gray, and velvet! Definitely a chic space for a dorm! Photos in this post were posted by HomeinTexas to HGTV's Rate My Space .

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BloggerSpace: Claire from Funky Bear

Today I'm featuring Claire from Funky Bear Decor . ABOUT ME/MY BLOG: I used to classify myself as decorating-challenged. But when I finally got my own place after college, I decided it was the right time to start caring about how I designed it. Stumbling upon young, stylish blogs such as the Lovely Undergrad changed my outlook on how to find new creative inspiration. I began The Funky Bear to share my home decorating finds, ideas, and do-it-yourself projects with my own friends and anyone else who happened to read. I hope you come visit the blog and enjoy! ABOUT MY ROOM/STYLE: Everybody’s personal style continually evolves and mine is no different. Currently I would describe my design tendencies as traditional yet eclectic. I am young so I have a lot of hand-me-down furniture from my parents that I love to mix with unique pieces to spice things up. Thrift stores and Craigslist have become my best friends to find the newer items in my life – it is surprisingly easy to re-

BloggerSpace: Megan from Charade

Today, Megan from Charade is sharing a collection chosen for her apartment.  Here's what she has to say about her picks: I'm actually about to move into my very own flat (yes, I'm British!) so I have been thinking a lot about interiors just lately! I have quite an eclectic taste, so I hope to make each room a little bit different. The pieces I've put together here are consistent with my vision for my living/kitchen space. I included a mix of budget and expensive items, but I will most certainly be working to a budget when I am doing up my new place! I think what makes it 'me' is the quirky, slightly mismatched, retro feel. I really have to try not to go too 'old lady' when it comes to decors: here I tried to pair vintage things that I might find in charity shops (the place where I'll be buying much of my new homewares!) with modern pops of colour and clean white furniture. I love bold type and sweet messages, so that's why I picked t