Wallpaper Instead of Headboards

I love this small bedroom (via HomedIt) because it provides so much inspiration for a dorm room!  The white is really played up with white bedding a white rug.  Accessories are kept simple and shiny (silver piggy bank and candlesticks on the window sill).  Clutter is kept out of sight.  But what I really love is the burst of color and pattern that comes from the wallpaper hung behind the bed.  The pretty wallpaper totally replaces the need for headboard.  

Now... at most dorms (and apartments) you can't hang wallpaper!  So don't get in a hurry to start slapping the wallpaper paste on.  There are a variety of ways you can get the wallpaper up.  Command adhesive strips, small tacks, etc.  Always check with your department of residence or landlord before destroying walls in your living space.  And now that I got all of that lecturing out of the way (I'm only trying to save you your deposit!)... here are some more beautiful wallpaper headboards for inspiration:

 Got a small wall?  Make a big statement by covering
the whole thing with pretty, floral wallpaper. (Skona Hem)

Bold colors and pattern pop in an
all-white room.  (Metropolitan Home)

Let a lovely wallpaper inspire your color palette.  This room
plays off the cool blue and pulls out accents of bright
green and flirty pink.  (It's Great to Be Home)

Shy of gaudy patterns?  Stay simple with
a wallpaper like this one.  (Elle Decor)

I know we can't all have crown molding and tin ceiling in
our dorms... but with a vintage floral wallpaper you can steal
some of this room's charming character.  (Sibella Court)

Cut it out!  These wallpapers were trimmed down to
mimic real headboard shapes. (Martha Stewart)

 And last but not least... let's jump on the chevron
bandwagon with this graphic wallpaper.  (Design*Sponge)

Stumped because you can't put wallpaper up in your place?
Don't worry---come back tomorrow!  I've gotchya covered. ;)



NancyU said...

I like the cut out idea. It really adds dimension to the wall paper headboard look.

John said...

Well designed.