Jane Eyre

If you read my post about my recent movie binge, I'm sure you picked up on the fact that I'm completely and utterly obsessed with period dramas.  Watching them, alone, curled up in bed, with a glass of wine or hot tea... is one of my greatest pleasures.  

A few nights ago, I added another film to my favorite list.

I read Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre back in 8th grade.  I consumed it.  I read it in the morning, through my junior high classes, and late at night.  Looking back, I can't believe I devoured such a sweeping, epic book at such a young age.  But I read it wholeheartedly, so deeply that I remember most of it to this day.  It was one of the first novels I remember reading that when it ended, I moped around lost and depressed.  I felt that I had grown up with Jane.  I'd gotten to know her so well.  Even though it was a page turner and I couldn't resist turning the page to see what happened next, I didn't want the story to end.  And when it did, I felt like I'd lost a friend.
Not only did I really enjoy the book, but it is one of thee books that continues to inspire my own creative writing today.  (I write historical fiction novels in my rare, spare time.)

Anyway, before I go on a big spiel about writing historical fiction... I want to say that I loved the new film Jane Eyre.  Have any of you seen it?  It was truly beautiful.  I watched it alone from my bed with a glass of hot tea on hand... and it was perfect.  It makes me want to go back and re-read the novel.  (It has been about twelve years since I read it...)  Perhaps that'll be my next Kindle download. It also makes me want to visit England. ;)

I highly recommend it for my fellow literature and period drama lovers out there! xoxo



Bronwyn said...

I love the book, but I've never seen the film! I guess I should, no?


L'Idiot Savant said...

I love Jane Eyre as well and I just saw the Mia Wasikowska/Michael Fassbender version. They are both great actors but I wish they were given more scenes in which Jane and Mr. Rochester interact before they fall in love. I guess I just feel that there wasn't enough screen time given to the relationship developing. But the cinematography was stunning! :)

Valerie said...

I love this book! I haven't seen the movie but I really want to. :) I'll probably get it on dvd.

Kaitlyn (Bookish Comforts) said...

I'd actually love to hear more about your writing! If you'd like to share, of course.

I'm definitely going to have to rent the film! (Or purchase!) I'm 1/4 through the book and LOVING it so far.

Unknown said...

Such a great book and though I haven't seen the new one, I bet it's fantastic! The cast for it sounds perfect! Have you seen the series? Very British as well and I can definitely recommend a trip to the UK - it's gorgeous all year round :)