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Movie Binge

In case you've wondered where I've been...

I've been in bed. Plagued with tonsilitis. Fairly miserable.

Slurping soup. Eating expensive ice cream direct from the carton. Drinking ginger ale.

And watching sooo many period films.

Friday: Tristan + Isolde, Atonement

Saturday: The Other Boleyn Girl, Marie Antoinette, the entire 2nd season of HBO's Rome

Sunday: Elizabeth, The Duchess, Vanity Fair, Love in the time of Cholera

I'm feeling better now! But here's my rundown of my film binge:

Tristan + Isolde is always a favorite. Why? Because James Franco is a hunk. And he is thee absolute best in this movie. His curly hair, smoldering eyes, love it! What I don't love is how sad this movie is. I scorn myself every time I watch it because I end up sobbing.

Atonement makes me cry, too. Almost much as as Tristan. I reeeeally want a green gown like Cecilia's.

And yet another tearjerker with The Other Boleyn Girl. So much drama. So much sexy Henry VIII.

Okay, who am I kidding? I think historical movies in general make me cry---especially Marie Antoinette. This is my second favorite movie of all time (coming second only to Gone with the Wind!) The costumes, the interiors, the beautiful Rose Byrne, the music! And after watching this movie probably 100 times, I just noticed a random pair of Converse tennis shoes in one scene! So random and so Sofia Coppola!

Rome is my guilty, guilty pleasure. I guess I can only tolerate blood and violence when the men are in Roman attire. And Marc Antony, how I love your roguish ways! Yes, I watched the entire 2nd season in one day. Oy.

Elizabeth... It's ok. I think I like it mostly for the costumes. At least I didn't cry!

Ahhh, The Duchess. Back to crying. But mostly swooning over the breathtaking scenery and interiors and costumes. Keira Knightly is amazing in this movie. It's one of my all-time favorites. It's a real heartbreaker, but it's a beautiful film and I highly recommend it!

I'd never seen Vanity Fair, so I gave it a try. It was ok. Pretty costumes. But not a riveting movie.

And I finished up with Love in the Time of Cholera. I'd tried reading the book once, but couldn't get into it. The movie wasn't what I expected, but it was good. Not great, but good.




DIY Cat Barrier for Under $100 (See-Through, Climb-Proof, and Too-Tall-To-Jump)

ICYMI: I gave up Cotton after deciding that after trying so many things, my two adopted cats Dahlia and Cotton were just never going to get along. Long story short: I missed her. And Cotton's back. And Dahlia's not going anywhere. My heart is big enough to keep trying. And my apartment is big enough that if I need to keep them separated long term (or permanently), it can be done. I'm going to write-up a separate post about some of the solutions I've tried, how they worked, who they worked on, and what I'll be trying next. But in this post, I wanted to share the main 'piece de resistance' of having both cats in my apartment: an un-climbable, un-jumpable, see-through barrier to separate Cotton and Dahlia .

Penny's Apartment | Big Bang Theory

Aniela, a lovely reader from Germany, sent me an email requesting advice on recreating the style of Penny's apartment on Big Bang Theory. 

Blair's Room | Gossip Girl Decor

Manhattan's debutante Blair Waldorf happens to be my favorite Gossip Girl character.  Her behavior and feelings vary from snobbish to sensitive, but she always (except for a few rare occasions) looks and acts totally pulled together.  Her luxurious bedroom is fit for a queen---and is as pulled together as her preppy fashion ensembles.