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Organize Your Scarves!

It's that time of year again, ladies!  Tomorrow is the first day of October and if you haven't already been donning your colorful scarves to campus, now's the time to start.  I'm a self-proclaimed scarf hoarder.  My collection has been steadily growing for a few years and I have a scarf to go with almost any outfit.  However, when fall rolls around it's difficult to keep all my scarves in one place, neatly and wrinkle-free.  So I decided to go hunting for some scarf storage options and this is what I found:

Poetic Home; Madewell
Chances are slim that you have a random card catalog waiting to be used for some creative purpose.  (I sure wish I had one!)  But just in case you do... how lovely is this photo of a card catalog overflowing with pretty patterned scarves?  If you're super into organizing, you could even label the drawers by color, pattern, or material.

Jess LC Design with Intention
I'm in love with this idea of draping scarves on the rungs of an old ladder.  Scope out antique stores and garage sales for spindly little ladders that don't take up much space.  (I'm kicking myself for not buying the one I spotted in my hometown antique store last weekend. Ugh!)  Leave it as is for a rustic look...

...Or paint it for a fun pop of color!  The best part about using a ladder is that you're going vertical.  Vertical storage is a space saver in tiny dorms and apartments.  And since these ladders are typically lightweight, you can move it around the room or store it in your closet. 

The Someday Blog
Feeling handy?  Hit up your local hardware store for some options.  Get creative with turning hardware into storage solutions.  It should be pretty inexpensive, but be sure to check with your landlord before drilling holes in any walls.  (If the hardware's lightweight, you might be able to get away with command adhesive strips.)  I love the sleek look of the metal hanger against the colorful scarves.

Organizing Junkie
If you'd rather buy something pre-made for your scarves.  The Container Store has lots of options for organizing everything from scarves to belts.  The fun hanger pictured above is available through Ikea.

Source Unknown :(
Use command adhesive hooks (or splurge on some pretty hooks from your local hobby or hardware store) for an easy way to hang scarves on your wall. 

Lillian Day
Or hang string across your wall for clothesline-inspired scarf storage that is easy on the eyes and easy on the budget. 

Low on money and time?  The quickest, cheapest, easiest way to corral your scarves involves nothing but your typical clothes hanger!  Pull all your scarves out of your dresser drawer and wrap them around a hanger to store in your closet.



Anonymous said…
you have no idea how much i am in love with scarves!!! they are epically awesome! :)
Torrie said…
this is a great post! i myself went to ikea and bought hooks. i have a set of three that include six hooks on each and put them on the wall in a triangle so it creates one fluid scarf collection right above my bed....perfect wall art! haha
Gentri said…
LOVE the clothes pin option! SO cute! :) What a fun and lovely blog!
Lily said…
I too am a scarf-hoarder. I love that card catalog idea! I have something like that container store hanger which I use for belts and scarves but somehow they still end up all over the floor of my closet...
Unknown said…
I used the clothsline idea in my room and am loving it but I'm still having trouble finding a way to store my cuff bracelets. They are so clunky and hard to tuck away. Any ideas?


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