Pretty Patterns, Pretty Pastels

Yesterday's post featured a bold, bright, modern apartment.  Now today, let's tour something a little softer, more feminine, with a subtler color palette.  Welcome to alid3y's lovely space! 

 Love this little workspace nook!


She made this chalkboard calendar.

Here's a close up of that desk in the back corner of the living room. 

All photos in this post belong to alid3y; see more of her Flickr photos here.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find any mention of a blog or website... I wish she had one!


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Alison said...

Well shoot, if I had known about this blog post I wouldn't have deleted some of these photos. Oopsy! I've thought about starting my own design blog, but I'm not sure if I have the time or energy. I'm always making changes in my apartment as I get bored or just inspired by other people's homes hehe.