Teeny Tiny Pad, Big on Style

One of my favorite features on Apartment Therapy is their yearly "Small Cool" contest.  I've been meaning to share this for a while... so here's one of my favorite "Teeny-Tiny" entries from 2010.  I'm pretty much obsessed with Leah and Liam's 285 square-foot apartment in the Upper East side of NYC.

This is my favorite shot of the apartment.  I would love to have an apartment with exposed-brick-painted-white walls and hardwood floors.  I'm also quite in love with their gray fainting couch and the eccentric octopus pillow that occupies it.

So much art! I love it.

Love the kitchen. It's super small, but the vertical storage on
the wall is great.  And I love the electric guitars hung up.

Here's the floor plan of their teeny-tiny place.  All photos in this post are from Apartment Therapy.

What's your favorite part of this place?


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Bronwyn said...

That fainting couch is pretty amazing! And I love how organized their kitchen is - I think that's pretty necessary in such a small space.