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Contest: Guess my Costume!

Alright!  Challenge over!  Several of you ladies have been throwing correct guesses my way.  But the very first to do so was Lauren Alyse, who said...

"Is it Medusa? One of the best characters in Greek mythology. :)"

Yes, Lauren Alyse, you guess right!  Please email me at to claim your prize!  As for the rest of you, thanks so much for playing along!  You threw some really cool Halloween ideas my way... like Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, and one of the Hocus Pocus witches!

If you're left scratching your head over how those four clues led to Medusa, here's a breakdown:

1.  She had two evil sisters.  Medusa was one of the three Gorgons, female monsters in ancient Greek mythology. The other two were named Stheno and Euryale.

2.  She'd be the belle of the ball at a monster mash.  Medusa was originally a beautiful young maiden and a priestess in the temple of Athena.  But when she slept with Poseidon (god of the sea) in Athena's temple (of all places!), Athena turned her into a serpentine-haired terror.

3. Off with her head! Medusa met a fate similar to that of Marie Antoinette and Ann Boleyn.  She lost her head... literally.  Looking only into the reflection of a mirror, the hero Perseus slayed Medusa by chopping off her head.

4. If looks could kill... no man would stand a chance.  Along with turning her hair into snakes, Athena also made Medusa's face soooo ugly that it would turn any man to stone if he looked directly upon her. 

Stay tuned to follow me as I create my Medusa costume!  (That's right... no store-bought Halloween costumes here!  I'm all about being creative this spooky time of year!)

Hey lovelies!

I'm having a little contest here at Lovely Undergrad!  Beginning today and once a day from here on out, I'll be releasing a clue to what my Halloween costume is going to be this year.  To enter, you'll just submit a comment.  The first one to guess correctly wins a little prize from yours truly, Lovely Undergrad.

Don't worry if you're comment doesn't show up!  Comments won't show up until I approve them.  And I won't approve them until the very last day of the contest, so you can all keep guessing away!  When I announce the answer, I'll reveal all the comments and the winner.

Now for the clues!

Clue #4
If looks could kill...
no man would stand a chance.

 Clue #3
Off with her head!
My lady met a fate similar to that of
Marie Antoinette and Anne Boleyn.

Clue #2
She'd be the belle of the ball...
(at a monster mash)!!

Clue #1
She had two evil sisters.



Elizabeth said…
Sarah Jessica Parker's witch in Hocus Pocus!
Ashley said…
Zombie Cinderella?
Anonymous said…
Cinderella.. Elle Enchanted..
Anonymous said…
Ella Enchanted* I mean. Not Elle.
Gentri said…
Winifred Sanderson? Or Sarah or mary Sanderson? You know, from Hocus Pocus. :)
Amb3rr said…
Zombie Cinderella?
Nat said…
Zombie cinderella??
sSe said…
Amb3rr said…
Elizabeth Bennett a la Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?
Linda F. said…
Zombie Cinderella? haha!
<3 Linda
Anonymous said…
Nat said…
mary queen of scotts
Lauren Alyse said…
Is it Medusa? One of the best characters in Greek mythology. :)
Toni E. said…
You're going to be Medusa for Halloween!
MaryAnnie said…
Charlotte Lucas from Pride & Prejudice and Zombies
Jordanne said…
Anonymous said…
Medusa! You're Medusa!!
Gentri said…
all I can think of is Medusa... haha! Is it her that turns people into stone by looking at them??
Anonymous said…
Ronni M. said…
I'm guessing you're going to be Medusa for this Halloween!
Erica said…
Gentri said…
COngrats Lauren!!


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