Epic Cyclone Win | Epic College Memory

So last night was a night that will go down in my college life history books.  Iowa State played undefeated, number 2 ranked Oklahoma State as our last home football game of the year.  I'd never been to a game yet in my whole time so far at Iowa State... thanks to working a lot of weekends and getting sick the one game I was planning on going to earlier this fall.  So when I had the night off, I snatched up my bf and we headed to Jack Trice Stadium.  All decked out in my red cowgirl boots, lots of layers, a gold scarf, and red hat... I was all ready to cheer on the Cyclones. 

To make a long, intense, back-and-forth story short... we won!  Double overtime!  Cyclones 37, Cowboys 31.  And then we rushed the field!  It was so amazing to be a part of something so big, so exciting!  I was there for thee biggest win in school history!  Everyone hugging, high-fiving, and singing "Sweet Caroline."  Sweet, sweet victory. 

Check out this video of thousands upon thousands of Cyclones "storming" the field of Jack Trice Stadium!  Total awesomeness.  :)  This will be a moment I'll never forget, one of the highlights of my college days. 

Go Cyclones!! 



Lauren Alyse said...

I caught the end of this game. It really was something! So cool that you could be there! :)

Leah said...

I left the game early because I was freezing and had to finish packing for break- I'm kicking myself for that now! haha. Luckily I could see it on espn but still. So glad you got to experience it though- GO CYCLONES! :)