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Scrumptious Thanksgiving Break Fashion

Apple pie.  Apple crisp.  Homemade bread.  Vanilla.  Brown sugar.  Fudge.  Creamy casseroles.  Stuffing.  For these four outfits, I pulled inspiration fresh outta the oven.  Chocolatey brown, creamy ivory, toasted gold, and warm beige come together with your favorite pair of blue jeans.  If your Thanksgiving Break plans include a glitzy night out on the town with high school girlfriends, slip into your sleek dark skinnies, a pair of fawn pumps, and a sparkling gold tee.
Thinking of braving the dangerous malls and shopping centers on Black Friday?  Put comfort first by picking your worn-in bf jeans, ballet flats, a super soft sweater, and crossbody bag.  Curvy bell-bottoms, a cozy flannel top, and mocs are ideal for a traditional family dinner at Grandma's house.  Spend your Saturday at a local coffee shop donning a slouch sweater the color of cafe au lait, grayish blue skinny jeans, low-heeled cowgirl boots, and a trendy scarf.  Spritz on mouthwatering fragrances that include notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and ginger.

Nothing catches the eye quite like red.  For Thanksgiving, take your favorite crimson down a notch and channel the rich hue of cranberry sauce.  One of the boys?  Your favorite jeans, a deep red hoodie, and matching sneakers will score whether you're tossing around the football in the backyard or cheering for your favorite team from the couch.  If Thanksgiving means getting dolled up for a fancy feast, steal the show in a ladylike cranberry dress that features red lace over gold satin.  Perhaps you have the pleasure of meeting your man's fam this holiday season.  Play it cool in dark skinnies, cute booties, a slouchy red tee, and trendy necklace.  Maybe part of your Thankgiving tradition is a hometown parade.  Black jeggins, black riding boots, and an eye-popping scarlet trench coat will keep you warm and styling.

Orange is a color not to be overlooked this season.  Pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin bread.  Pumpkin spiced lattes.  Pumpkin bars.  Infuse this luscious hue into your wardrobe by pairing it with colors that make it pop.  If you're favorite part of Thanksgiving is waking up early to help Mom out in the kitchen, an orange tee with your trusty bootcut jeans is perfect.  Tie on a fun, colorful apron and top it off with canvas flats in a bright color.  If you prefer shopping the streets of your hometown downtown to the crazy shopping centers of Black Friday, slip into a fashionable pair of straightleg jeans and feminine orange blouse.  Complete the look with a brown bag, trendy necklace, and flats in a color that offsets the orange (turquoise, perhaps!).  Maybe you're lucky enough to score a hot date on your Thanksgiving Break.  Whether the date's with your current bf, a long-ago high school crush, or even your dearly missed bff, amp up a simple orange dress with a cozy cardigan, patterned tights, a floral scarf, and pearl earrings.  Belt the dress and cardigan with a leather belt and slide into a comfy pair of brown booties.  Sometimes running from here to there can make break feel exhausting.  Take a night to unwind by watching movies with friends or family.  An uber-soft sweatshirt, faded blue jeans, cozy scarf, and comfy sock-slippers make for a perfect evening in.



Chelsea said…
Such a cool post! I love this.
Love these! Now I want to go shopping...thanks for that :)
Batty said…
I absolutely love your ideas! Top favorites would have to be "Dinner with the Fam," "Backyard Touchdowns," and "Kitchen Wear." Hmm, those selections sound like a rather traditional Thanksgiving! Also, the bag paired with "Coffee Date" is very cute. Good eye!
j. said…
love the booties in "meet the parents"!! do you have any product details?


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