Gift Guide: The Boy(s) in Your Life

Boys, boys, boys... can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.  And shopping for the male species (whether it's your dad, brother, or boyfriend) seems is an often a challenge.  So here's a list of six tried-and-true gifts for guys.  All of these are safe bets whether you're buying for a male family member, a long-term boyfriend, or a guy you've been seeing just long enough to make it appropriate to buy each other something for Christmas.

1. A shirt.  I picked this flannel one because I just loooove flannel for its warmth and coziness.  Nothing too loud or obnoxious like those bright, neon flannels that showed up in stores not too far back.  Something classic, earthy, and easy to match.  Plus, it's so soft.  You'll love snuggling up to your boyfriend when he wears this.  Or... stealing it when you need something cozy to lounge in. 

2. Cologne. I approve of Hollister's Jake cologne.  (Coincidentally it shares a name with my bf...)  But it seriously smells sooo good without being overpowering.  I'm also a sucker for packaging... and I adore the vintage-looking box and bottle this stuff comes in.  

3. A passport cover.  This is a spin off the old wallet gift.  If your dad travels a lot, or your brother or bf is planning on studying abroad, see to it that they have a high quality leather cover to keep their passport safe and sound.  

4. A favorite goody. If he's a coffee lover, skip the typical coffee house gift card and opt for the real thing instead.  Find out what his favorite coffee is and fill a handsome canister with it.  Throw in a nice mug for good measure.  Not a coffee drinker?  Consider wine or even his favorite beer.

5. A movie.  Perhaps the newly released The Hangover, Part II is on their wishlist. A favorite movie or new dvd paired with movie snacks like popcorn, candy, and pop makes for a fun gift that your brother can share with roomies or your boyfriend may share with you! 

6. A watch.  With all the new fancy technology, watches are becoming more of a fashion accessory than ever.  Splurge on a fancy watch to show him how much you value the time you two have spent together.  (Lovely Undergrad approves of this watch from Fossil!)

Hope your Christmas shopping is going well and that you're not too stumped when buying for the men in your life!


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Leah said...

Boys are definitely the worst to buy for! haha. This is a great list! My bf's name is also Jake and I definitely got him that cologne for his birthday last year- I love it! :)