Gift Guide: DIY Diva

Ooooh boy, this is a fun one!  This gift giving guide is to point you in the right direction when it comes to shopping for the DIY diva in your life.  You know... the one always covered in paint, glue, and wallpaper paste?  With scraps of fabric all over her room?  And hideous pieces of furniture found on the curb... that mysterious vanishes around the same time she starts showing off a magnificent chair she claims to have "made-over."  Yep, that one. ;)

1. I know I already featured it in my favorites gift guide, but here it is again.  Design*Sponge at Home by blogger Grace Bonney is a must-have this holiday season for every decor and diy maven.

2. Pretty scrapbook paper, patterned paper, and wallpaper scraps will come in handy for lots of future projects.  (This is something a diy'er just can't have enough of!)  Pick some up at your local craft store, Hob Lobs Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc.

3. Mod Podge.  Like the scrapbook paper, this stuff always comes in handy. (You can get this anywhere from a craft store to WalMart...)

4. If you know there's a project she's been longing to complete but short on the funds for--and you're not sure where to begin when it comes to buying her the tools/essentials--a gift card to a craft store or Lowe's would most likely be appreciated.

5. Wall decals.  These don't have to be used on just walls---I'm sure your diy'er will think of plenty of ideas to put these to use.

6. Aren't these clear mini paint cans adorable?  Fill 'em up with craft supplies or candy for an enticing treat!

7. A true gift that keeps on giving, get her a subscription to Do It Yourself Magazine!


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Unknown said...

This is the perfect gift guide! I have the Mod Podge, the DS book and then the mag subscription. I need that Michaels gift card!! :D