Chalk It Up... My DIY Coffee Bar Project

Happy Tuesday!  I have a DIY project for you!  All you need is some old candle jars, chalkboard paint, and your favorite coffee roast.  I turned several old candle jars and containers into chalkboard-chic canisters to store ground coffee, tea bags, sugar, creamer, and even syrup.  (But this project would be perfect for organizing office supplies or even bathroom items like cotton balls and swabs.)

For photos and how-to, you'll have to check out my Crafty Kitchenette feature in College & Cook Magazine.  (It's the first issue!)

I've embedded it here for your convenience... (And wouldja look at that?! It felt open right to my project!)

C&C is an entirely student-run food magazine.  The first issue is full of mouthwatering pictures, college friendly recipes, and the lowdown on making 5-minute mug cakes!  Check out College & Cook Magazine's now! 



Shelby said...

Oh I love this! If only I drank coffee!:)

Lauren Alyse said...

Very cute. Since I'm a poor college kid on a budget I always save glass/plastic jars to use for things around the house...they come in handy since I don't have a real pantry and most of my essentials are out on the counter!

Unknown said...

I started making my own chalkboard jars recently, out of "up cycled" pasta and salsa jars from the store. It's such a great, crafty idea! I love using them for coffee. I've used mine for storing left overs (conveniently labeled and dated).

stuartperry3 said...

What's the meaning of that bold symbol in the jar? window replacement

James Henthorn said...

Great post!