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Hi! I’m Joanna, a writer for Design Shuffle, a premier interior design portal for interior designers to share their work and design enthusiasts to enjoy. I love my job. I get to spend each day finding the most beautiful interior designs and sharing them with blog readers like you. Thanks to Lovely Undergrad for allowing me to share today! Finding the best treatment for tall windows can seem daunting and overwhelming. Sometimes, it just takes a few decorating ideas taken from other rooms to find the perfect window treatments for your own space. We’ve gathered together several rooms with eclectic and classic styles. 

Tall Windows 

Sometimes the best window treatment option for tall windows is no window treatment at all. The natural light floods through this apartment making it bright and cheerful.

Tall Windows 

Simple white panels at this transom window blends with the walls creating a nice soft canvas for the room’s furnishings.

Tall Windows 

A tall potted tree acts as a window treatment offering protection against high glare when reading or working.

Tall Windows 

Simple panels in a neutral fabric on a tall window create a lovely backdrop for the bed. Panels are carried through to the French doors, giving this bedroom design a seamless look. 

Tall Windows 

A simple louvered treatment on these tall windows gives protection against harsh sunlight and adds an element of interest to the room. 

Tall Windows 

Potted plants and accessories set on window ledges create a focal point and draw the eye to the outdoors.

Tall Windows 

A dreamy dressing room gets the royal treatment at the windows with a soft blue fabric. A sheer is added to block excess light so the desk can be used. Does this room inspire any interior design ideas?

Tall Windows  

Bathroom ideas are flourishing in this design. Large shades are easily maneuvered from open to closed when this bathroom is in use. The patterned wallpaper blends beautifully with the shades, giving the walls a seamless look. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 Tall windows do wonders for your home! Check out even more inspiration at Design Shuffle where you'll find out brand new interior design guide and connect with Boston interior designers and more!


Thanks, Joanna for the inspiration!



Unknown said...

I'm a HUGE fan of completely bare windows (especially when they are as beautiful as these!), but since moving from a 7th then 5th story apartment to a first story apartment, privacy has become a concern. I've found great options for colorful, fun curtains at Ikea, and they're affordable, so that's always good! :)

Walter Fennigan said...

These are great tips to those who have tall windows just like yours. I like the idea of making these windows the center of decorations and interior designs.

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Unknown said...

I am also a big fan of completely bare windows. It feels more relaxing and you smell fresh air all the time you wanted too.

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Victor Deloach said...

Tall windows offer a wide glimpse of the surrounding from inside the house. Adding to that, fresh air can enter freely to feel the cold breeze from outside.

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Most of the time, windows are not noticed in a house. But to be honest, it's a very important asset in a house. They're responsible for the lighting that comes in the house.

Jennifer Swift said...

I agree with the last comment. It is also important to color the windows and doors with a very compelling paint. A white colored paint is recommended to ensure proper lighting and balance inside the house.

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australian timber furniture said...

I love how the bathroom was designed. It's a unique idea to put a furniture in the bathroom. Combined with the bath tub, it seems such a relaxing room.

Unknown said...

Windows will never fail in improving your house's looks. I think that prefabricated floor panels will be a perfect combinations for the windows shown above.

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