Snapshots of Simple Pleasures

Above: This is how I spent this past Friday afternoon.  I live within walking distance of the coziest little coffee shop, Cafe Milo.  I trot down on a regular basis to sink into an antique chair and enjoy a big cup of light roast coffee near the warmth of a fire.  It's a lovely place.

When I was little, one of my grandmas gave me this funky piece of costume jewelry. Ornate gold and pink gems frame a really glittery center rectangle.  I've probably had this ring for twelve years... and I love as much today as the day I received it.  As a girl, I thought it was totally something a princess would wear.  Today, I love it for its unique, vintage, costumey feel.  It's probably not worth much at all, but to me it's priceless. :)

I'm trying to take more pictures of the little details in life: my simplest pleasures.  Hopefully I'll get around to sharing them here on the blog more often. 

Do you have a favorite coffee shop or treasured piece of jewelry?



Linz said...

i did. i had a ring from Scotland...which got squished beneath a car. tragedy struck early!

Unknown said...

I have so much love for a cozy coffee shop, especially in a city overrun with Starbucks. Mine is called Dollp (it's a pleasure just to say the name), and they have the best Mexican hot chocolates I've ever tasted.

Unknown said...

:'( Oh, how tragic! I feel for you! I've lost many a good piece of beloved gaudy jewelry. RIP<3

Unknown said...

Cozy coffee shops are the best! Ditto on the "overrun with Starbucks." I can't say their drinks aren't absolutely delicious! ...But unique atmosphere ultimately wins me over.

Dollp is a delightful name!!

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