Winter Weaknesses

Now that the snow is here to stay in Iowa... I suppose it's time to share my weaknesses this winter.  Here's what's getting me through the frigid days and frozen nights...

1. Malaia Perfume by Hollister Co. This summery scent, while reminiscent of sun-drenched days of seasons past, has floral tones just sheer enough and woodsy tones just warm enough to make it one of my favorite fragrances to wear in the chillier months.  Plus, I love its subtle pink color, modern glass bottle, and vintage-like atomizer.  And... it simply smells reeeeally good!

2. Gaudy Rings. I've always had a thing for ornate vintage costume jewelry.  I blame it on both grandmas for giving me their discarded, bejeweled pieces.  I remember wearing my giant, glittery gold ring or big cameo ring back in high school.  One teacher chuckled and said, "You and your gaudy rings."  Let's just say I'm thrilled to not be the only one flashing these costume-y jewels!  Forget the mall.  The best rings are hiding at your local antique and vintage stores for about five bucks a pop. ;)

3. Pocket-watch necklaces.  Here I go placing the blame again... my fascination with pocket-watches is owed to Alice and Wonderland, specifically the white rabbit.  I had a stuffed animal of him when I was little.  My favorite part of him?  His plastic gold pocket-watch.  I. Was. Obsessed. Now... I wear my own pocket-watch inspired necklace with almost every outfit.  I. Am. Obsessed.

4. Pink-tinted Softlips.  In the Midwest, winter days' below-freezing temps and brisk winds can cause serious damage to lips.  So a chapstick that keeps them moist, healthy, happy... and pretty is definitely a winner in my books.  Right now, my go-to stick is a slightly shimmery, pink-tinted tube of Softlips.  (And it tastes delish.)

5. Biker Boots. This is a trend I never thought I'd jump on, but they've grown on me.  Then I got two pairs for Christmas---a brown pair from Grandma (she has a great eye for style!) and a grayish pair I picked up at a post-Christmas sale for a thrifty ten bucks.  A little past my riding-boot kick, I'm still experimenting with these babies.  So far, I'm loving them skinny jeans or leggings and ultra-feminine tops with lace details.  

6.  Bronze Mercury Glass. I'm a sucker for mercury glass.  It makes me swoon.  (Why can't there be mercury glass jewelry, eyeglasses, etc.?!)  Anyway... I'm seriously in love with this chocolatey bronze spin on the classic silver mercury glass.  I scored a few votive cups on clearance at Target recently and the gorgeous golden glow they cast around is beautiful!

7.  Lemon Lavender.  My gorgeous votive cups wouldn't be complete without a wonderful fragrance, would they?!  I'm a loyal fan of Yankee Candle Company.  While my fall months were full of delicious baked-goods scents, I wanted something different once the new year began.  Something clean and fresh.   Something that gets me excited for the upcoming Spring, without being too floral or sunshiney.  My mom musta read my mind.  She gave me some Lemon Lavender votive candles and they're perfect!  The lavender color is so pretty and the fragrance is divine.

8.  Coffee.  How could I go a season without babbling on about my love affair with coffee?  In the past month I've learned how to whip up lattes and a number of other coffee drinks.  And my new apartment is literally fifty steps away from a lovely little coffee shop.  Oh, how I love coffee!

Leave a comment with your top three (or eight!) Winter Weaknesses!



Ashley said...

I love the Malaia perfume & big rings- they're just so fun!

For me, nothing screams "winter" like really strong hot chocolate and a good foreign film. The rest of the year, I couldn't really care less about either one, but winter seems to call for them:)




Unknown said...

Ooooh, yes to the hot chocolate!

What are your foreign film recommendations?

Valerie Phillips said...
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Valerie Phillips said...

That ring and necklace is to die for. The attention to detail of that ring is just awesome. I love the vintage feel of the design. It look really expensive and chic. Out of the online jewelry store I've checked out, I haven't find one of those.

Anita said...

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Angeline said...

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Niamh ☮ said...

I adore Lemon Lavender Yankee candles! They smell amazing and my grandfather always has it or French Vanilla as a car fresher. Have you smelt the Vanilla Lime candles by Yankee Candle, I love it so much as the citrus scent just goes heavenly with the vanilla! :)

Also have you tried Nutella hot chocolate? It is sinfully delicious!

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Emilio.M said...

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Jason Moron said...

Winter is my favorite season.