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Decor Inspired by Atonement: Cecilia & Briony

   Doesn't this^ picture make you long for summertime?  Atonement is one of my all-time favorite movies.  Number one, I love Kiera Knightley in period period pieces.  Number two, I loooove the house that Cecilia and Briony live in.  And number three, the film itself is just stunning.  I started the book once, but since it's such a deep read I postponed it until I have the time to truly absorb it.  In the meantime, I got inspired to create two boards showing the decor contrasts between sisters Cecilia and Briony.  These aren't replicas of the film set.  In fact, I didn't look up any pictures of the set for reference.  These are simply my modernized interpretations of the girls' bedrooms.

Olioboard: Spring has Sprung

Springtime has arrived in this inspiration board created for the Zinc Door Vibrant Spring Color Design Contest on Olioboard .  In this eclectic living room, creamy whites mingle with the vibrant hues of Spring.  Gilded accents mix with patterns of flora and fauna.  And vintage lives happily alongside both modern and classic pieces.  An explosive color scheme of lush yellow-green, juicy orange, and beautiful turquoise blue sets the stage for chirping birds and blooming flowers.  So throw open the windows and let the sun shine in!  Plop down on the couch, pick up your cup of tea, and stay awhile, dear Springtime! Do me a lovely favor by heading over to the contest and casting a vote for my board . ;) Doesn't this creation give you Spring fever ?

Taste Test: Alternatives to Dairy Milk

I have a confession to make.  I hate milk.  White dairy milk, that is.  (I love chocolate milk!)  I'm not lactose intolerant or anything.  I just don't care for the taste... especially the aftertaste.  Whether it's skim, 1%, 2%, or whole... I'm not a fan.  I don't mind a splash of it on my cereal.  And I'll drink it with the right proportion of chocolate, brownies, or Oreos.  And try as I might to justify eating a gob of chocolate just to down a glass of milk, I decided the time had come to seek out alternatives. 

Olioboard: Exposed Brick Bedroom

You know me and exposed brick... it's a decor love affair.  The board above depicts what is pretty much my dream bedroom.  Exposed brick walls all the way around.  Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling.  A perfectly worn wood floor.  I love four-poster beds and this white one feels modern and vintage-y at the same time.  A vibrant blue pillow and lovely floral one add color and pattern.  Nearby, a round side table holds a bold orange lamp.  A colorful vintage poster hangs overhead.  At the foot of the bed is a velvet bench in a crisp green color as well as a couple off-white vintage suitcases stacked on top of each other.  The focal point of the room is a big oriental rug in a gorgeous blue and boasting an intricate floral print.  A dark, modern dresser is kept clutter-free, accessorized with only a cluster of candles and a vase of blue flowers.  Books are stacked vertically along one of the wooden columns.  A bright orange-red chair and brass floor lamp make for a cozy reading sp

Olioboard: Charming Neutral Office

I usually go for lots of color, but every once in a while I yearn for a more neutral palette.  Creamy neutrals paired with white, black, and gray come together to create a chic, relaxing office space perfect for writing, blogging, or curling up with a good book and spot of tea.  Walls the color of cafe au lait.  Milky white trim.  And sheer ivory curtains.  A sleek, no-fuss black desk topped with a gunmetal lamp, rattan accessories, and elegant white orchids.  A linen inspiration board hung next to painted black wooden sign displaying a French quote.  An industrial wastebasket tucked underneath the desk.  Classic black and white stripes liven up the floor.  In the corner sits an ivory and charcoal chair in a fun print.  A simple round side table for tea and books. 

Chair Crush

Yes, I swoon over furniture.  Yes, I have a major crush on this chair.  As in... giddy, excited, butterflies-in-my-belly, heart-skips-a-beat-when-it-walks-into-a-room (well, you know what I mean...) kinda crush. Should I go on Strange Addictions?  Maybe... For now I'm just going to blog it and hope my kindred spirits out there appreciate this gorgeous piece of furniture as much as I do! (via Kelly Green )

Olioboard: Urban Eclectic Living Room

I felt like getting a little urban with this decor board.  The room was literally a blank slate---gleaming white floors, exposed brick painted white, support columns, and exposed piping and metal work everywhere.  Very industrial chic.

Elena's Bedroom | Vampire Diaries Decor

 By reader request, I'm diving into the world of Vampire Diaries to show you how to decorate like Elena.  (Surprisingly... she incorporated no garlic into her bedroom.)

My Cinderella Story

^This happened to me today!  Well, almost... Boy are you in for a treat! So once upon a time... it was a dark and stormy day.  (Today, actually.)  Upon arriving home to my castle (errr, uh... apartment) I decided against running through the downpour in my brand new shoes.  So I took 'em off, shoved into my small purse, and opened the door of my pumpkin carriage.  Ok, you caught me... SUV. I took off barefoot through the cold rain.  After running up to the third story and warming up my cold, aching, numb feet on the warm, fuzzy carpet... I glanced at my purse and noticed that one shoe was missing.

Spring Fever Decor

BHG I know we're barely halfway through February, but with the mild weather we've been enjoying... I'm suffering from Spring Fever even earlier this year.  (Which, of course, makes the impending snowfall especially depressing.)  I'm getting antsy for floral patterns, pastels, and little critters popping up in decor. 

Blair's Room | Gossip Girl Decor

Manhattan's debutante Blair Waldorf happens to be my favorite Gossip Girl character.  Her behavior and feelings vary from snobbish to sensitive, but she always (except for a few rare occasions) looks and acts totally pulled together.  Her luxurious bedroom is fit for a queen---and is as pulled together as her preppy fashion ensembles. 

Go-To Looks

You know how you have those go-to outfits?  When you're digging through your closet for something to wear and just can't decide... Or when you're on a time crunch and don't have time to switch in and out of several ensembles.  Up above is my favorite go-to getup for a night out on the town.  (I actually sported this Friday night.) 

Olioboard: Eclctic Chic Living Room

White walls, high ceilings, thick moulding, and hardwood floors... this room had good bones to begin with.  Pale blues are brought in with the curtain panels and rug, keeping things cool and airy.  A gray sofa with a masculine silhouette takes centerstage, accented with an ampersand and deer pillow.  Crisp greenish-gold is scattered throughout the space on accessories and furniture.  The dark, modern coffee table boasts a vintage typewriter and stack of old books.  Over the fireplace hangs a chalkboard featuring favorite quotes.  In one corner, a bold splash of red appears in the form of a velvet wingback chair.  In the other corner sits a green desk, charcoal-hued ghost chair, and ladder-style bookshelf.  A feminine chandelier tops it all off.

Be Mine, Valentines

lovely sketch via inslee Sorry this post is quite late in the day... but I want to wish all of you lovelies a very happy Valentine's Day!

Downton Abbey Fashion Inspiration

Downton Abbey is my latest obsession.  (I'm a sucker for historical dramas...)  I especially love the Crawley sisters: Mary, Edith, and Sybil.  They get to wear the most gorgeous dresses!  Their elegant vintage style got me thinking about how to translate a little Downton Abbey glamor into a modern wardrobe.  And here's what I came up with:

Mocha Cinnamon Coffee Recipe

Sometimes, I just have a stroke of genius.  Read on for a delish coffee drink recipe to make yourself!

Domino Returns | Breaking News

So picture this: 10:00 this morning. Sitting in front of the computer at my new job in magazine customer service. Reading through the magazine industry news announcements. And a familiar, much-beloved, six-letter name jumps out at me.

Serena's Room | Gossip Girl Decor

I'm sure many of you can join in on me with this: Gossip Girl is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  (It's like the only show I actually tweet about while watching!)  So I was delighted when several of you lovely readers requested that I feature some GG-inspired decor boards.  Let's kick off with Serena!

What does your coffee drink say about you?

by Loku . Here's an infographic for all of us coffee drinkers out there.  Thanks to my love of cafe au laits, I find myself falling into the Europhile category, which I really can't argue with.  Cafe breves aren't on the list... but I'm thinking it wouldn't alter my result much.  Mmmm, coffee!  I want to know what your favorite drink is and what category you fall under! 

Life Schedule Under Construction

Unlimited internet access, cupcakes, and coffee?  I couldn't argue with that!  I'm dropping in to apologize for the unusual lapse in posting.  My schedule is currently under construction.  My prime creative/blogging

Chevron Chic Dining Room on a College Budget

  Chevron.  I love to love it.  And so does Tehrene of Love Twenty .  While trolling her blog , the above photo caught my eye as it had hers.  "I would love this to be my future dining room," she wrote, but then went on to say that "the rug, let alone anything else in the room, is completely over my budget." Turns out she got her chevron fix by picking up some super lovely pillows at Target.  But this dreamy dining room inspired me to create a look for less.