Domino Returns | Breaking News

So picture this: 10:00 this morning. Sitting in front of the computer at my new job in magazine customer service. Reading through the magazine industry news announcements. And a familiar, much-beloved, six-letter name jumps out at me.

I gasp. Several co-workers snap to my attention, wondering what in the world is the matter and truly concerned. I'm immediately floating above their heads on cloud nine because Condé Nast is reviving Domino.  Yes, I said Domino!  And yes, I said revive! As in bring back!

I was a dedicated Domino reader back in the day.  When the publication ceased, I died a little inside.  When I moved off to college and misplaced my collection of Domino issues, I experienced a panic attack followed by months of moping depression. When I found those glossy beauties packed away at my parents' house, I jumped up and down and up and down and squeaked giddily with excitement.

Seriously, Domino has my heart. When I'm feeling uninspired, I flip through the lovely pages of cool, chic, lovely design. When I've had my heartbroken or fought with the boyfriend, Domino is always there for me with a bowl of ice cream and bag of potato chips. To say I adore Domino is a complete and blasphemous understatement.

I hope that clues you in a little to my utter devotion to this ceased magazine.  And hopefully you'll better understand why I'm so ecstatic over the fact that Condé Nast is bringing Domino back with a special edition called Quick Fixes.  It'll be available on newstands only from April 17 through July 16. (And then another so-far-unnamed special edition will be released in the fall!)

You know how avid readers stake out bookstores in anticipation of being one of the first to buy a newly released book? (Harry Potter or Twilight, anyone?)  Well those vampire-loving teenie-boppers have nothing on me.  Rest assured that by the time April 17 rolls around, I'll be the over-caffeinated girl camping out to be the first to get my greedy little fingers on an issue (or two...or, let's be honest... ten) of Domino Quick Fixes

Hallelujah!  Can I get an "Amen!"?

Disclaimer: Yes, I'm aware of the fact that I harbor an unnatural fetish for magazines.  Yes, I should be on an episode of TLC's Hoarders.  Yes, I refuse to go on that show because I know my glossy little pretties would be the first to go cover-first into the dumpster.  Yes, if you have the same problem I'd love to start a support group with you. ;)

Thank you, Domino for coming back to me after all of these years!  Muah!



Design Eat Repeat said...

Bahahaha I love the disclaimer. I know from experience how much you love Domino. Would you still be my friend if I told you that I've never read one? ;)

Lauren said...

HOORAY!!!!!! I'm excited and glad you posted about this, or else I would've missed it!! I discovered Domino too late -- I took a magazine from a co-worker and then realized it was shutting down at that point. I'm glad there's a mini come-back!