10 Easy Ways to Bring Spring into Your Space

1. Flora and fauna. Bedding, pillows, or a fabulous floral chair like the one above, introducing bright, lively floral and nature patterns into your room freshens up every square foot.  

2. Sheer loveliness.  Take down the old curtains and replace them with simple white sheers.  Easy, breezy, and so springtime lovely.  Plus, you'll love how the sunshine through, brightening and cheering the room.

3. Flower power.  On the same note as floral pattern, having some of the real thing is even better.  A cheap bouquet of pretty pink flowers is a definite pick-me-up for space.  

4. Au natural.  Swap out wintery materials for natural fibers.  A wicker side table feels more summery than heavy wood.  A burlap lampshade is more earthy than a plain white one.  

5. Floor plan.  When you can't paint the walls, one of the easiest ways to add a big splash of color is by throwing down a solid colored rug.  Turquoise blue keeps the atmosphere cool and tranquil.  While a mustard gold warms things up.  

6.  Botanical art.  Give your room the butterflies with old-school artwork inspired by butterfly collections.

7.  A way with words.  Get crafty by diy'ing some wall art.  Paint a blank canvas a bright color (hot pink?!) and then stencil on a favorite quote to enjoy all season long.  

8.  Brighten up.  Wherever you can, bring in colorful accessories.  An orange desk organizer.  Turquoise candle holders.  A lime green tray.  

9.  White out.  Balance out all the brights with crisp white.  Pick up a cute bird figurine at a local thrift or antique shop and spray paint it white to display on your dresser.

10.  Spring clean!  Nothing says fresh start like a freshly swept, dusted, and organized room.  


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