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I'm going to be sharing several of my favorite studios from Apartment Therapy for this series... the first one being Rodelle's chic, eclectic, vintage-infused, 450-square-foot Los Angeles studio.  Right away, you see a lot of white.  Decorating with plain white walls is something I've always struggled with, so I have to share a space when it's well done.

Ideas to borrow: 1. Sheer white curtains instead of closet doors.  2. Books stacked high on the floor.  3. Small-scale antique furniture like her settee are feminine and take up only a little space.  4. Transparent "ghost" furniture (like her coffee table) visually trick the eye into seeing a more open space.  5. Pretty vintage dresses should be out in the open rather than hidden away.

6.  Don't let any little corner go to waste.  This nook makes a perfect dining area.  Round corners take up less space and are less bulky than the protruding sharp edges of a square or rectangular dining table---and it's much easier to walk around.  7.  Invest in a great storage piece such as the antique glass-paned bookshelf tucked behind her fridge.  I see these at antique stores all the time.  These gorgeous, heavy, library-style pieces display books and knick-knacks proudly while the glass keeps out dust.  

8. A chalkboard paint back-splash is genius.  Jot down notes to yourself on what to buy during your next grocery trip.  Draw something pretty to look at while washing up dishes.  Check with your landlord before slapping chalkboard paint on the walls, though. 

9.  Keep the workspace clean and tidy for ultimate productivity potential---clutter can hang out on other surfaces such as a nearby dresser top.   10. And oh! Is that a Louis-style ghost chair I see?  I want one sooooo badly.

11.  Bring on the vintage.  These dress forms would be perfect for draping scarves, necklaces, and small purses, too.  12.  Create a lovely vignette atop your dresser.  This modern, masculine, very handsome dresser gets dressed up with a pair of twin vases and flowers, framed illustrations, old books, and sundry figurines.  Plus, an industrial-style hook overhead adds extra storage space and visual interest.

13. Keep the sleeping area simple for a tranquil place to crash.  This bed's low profile makes the high ceilings seem even loftier.  A feminine lamp perches nearby on a short nightstand.  14.  A big mirror reflects light and opens up a small space.

15.  Don't skimp on decorating the lou.  A rustic ladder is perfect storage, especially when dressed up with pretty accessories and luxurious bath linens.  16. Hang small scale art pieces on the walls, too.

A floor plan of Rodelle's studio provides an even better idea of just how creative she was with arranging the space.  These are some tight quarters!  By arranging furniture in little pods, she was able to zone the cramped apartment into spaces just for dining, cooking, living, sleeping, working, and dressing.

There are plenty more photos of Rodelle's lovely studio over at the original post on Apartment Therapy.  (All photos in this post from Apartment Therapy.)



Lauren said...

That is inspiring! I would consider that a very small space, but it looks well-used thought out to the point that you don't notice it!

Liesl said...

Love, love, loving your studio living features!!! :)

corner wardrobe said...

Wow! Just discovered your blog and leyour studio living features!!! :)

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