For Love of Pink and Fuchsia and Magenta!

Favorite Pink Things

I love pink.  Hot pink.  Rose.  Fuschia.  Magenta.  

Speaking of magenta.  On my last trip home, my mom enlightened me with a funny little anecdote about my childhood.  Now, I've always loved color.  I remember as a little girl being very picky about my ever-changing favorite colors.  And I was fascinated with the color names of Crayola crayons.
 For the longest time, I told everyone (whether they asked or not) that my favorite color was "Jungle Green."  No other green would simply do.  And then of course I had my "Robin's Egg Blue" stage.  Needless to say, my huge 64-count box of Crayola crayons was my pride and joy.  Back to that story my mom just recently told me...  When it was time for me to go to kindergarten, the school supply list required that we only have a 16-count box of crayons.  Apparently, this really disheartened me.  And I flat out asked my kindergarten teacher why we couldn't have a box that had "Magenta" in it.  (Musta been my magenta stage... haha.)

So in light of that silly little story, I decided to share some of my favorite pink things.  

Bright Pink Nail Polish.  Few things are as effortlessly flirty and fun as hot pink fingernails.  For years, I was devoted to Love My Nails in Flirty Pink.  Then I found Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Fuchsia Power.  It's the same great bold pink and it dries fast.

Pink Lips.  While I'm definitely going through a red lipstick phase right now, nothing will ever replace a pretty pink.  I never leave the house without my Mary Kay lip gloss in Coral Rose.  It is seriously the prettiest rosy pink lip gloss ever.  When I'm feeling bold, I pull out my beloved stick of Mary Kay lipstick in Pink Melon.  

Making Me Blush.  I love CoverGirl's TruBlend mineral blush in Pure Romance.  It's really light, slightly shimmery, and doesn't overwhelm my fair complexion.  

Pink Flowers.  I adore them---in vases on my nightstand or as an accessory clipped in my hair.  Pink flowers are simply the best.  

Smart + Chic.  I'm quite smitten with the idea of covering a bunch of books in different shades of pink paper.  How lovely would that look on a white bookshelf?!

Timeless.  I don't have this watch with its shiny silver, white face, and pink leather band... but I wish I did!

Jellies.  Time to reminisce!  How many of you remember wearing jellies as a little girl?  I wore them practically every day.  I had sparkly pink ones (my faves!) and clear ones that I referred to as my glass slippers.  Four years ago while randomly browsing the aisles of a K-Mart store, I came across grown-up size jellies just like I'd had when I was little!  I bought several pairs---gray, clear, and, of course, pink.  I've worn them every summer since until they eventually all wore out this past summer.  :(  So I was extremely giddy when I came across a pair of Steve Madden Swirly Flats in pink at TJ Maxx for $15.  I'm a very happy girl with these hot pink jellies on my feet. :D

"I Believe in Pink" print from 3LambsIllustration on Etsy
Right now, I'm trying to convince my grandma to paint her front door hot pink.  (I know that may sound crazy!  ...But she's already had it painted both turquoise and orange, so it's not totally outta her nature!)  I'll take a pic and blog it if she goes through with it. ;)


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Anonymous said...

great post! so great that I'm now inspired to pull out my hot pink polish to do my nails (which have been bare for two weeks too long now).

I love all shades of pink near each other. it's what I have in a vase on my desk this very minutes.