My Bedroom Tour

Welcome to my cozy little corner of the universe.  My bedroom is my creative haven and where I spend most of my free-time.  It's where all the magic happens: blogging, writing, crafting, and the occasional five-hour long Downton Abbey binge.  Prepare yourself for lots of color, mucho florals, eclectic tendencies, and a teensy bit of creative chaos.  

This is my Spring/Summer bedding.  (Yes, I have Fall/Winter bedding, too.  It's beige and black damask, much less colorful, but much warmer.)  This ultra colorful and flowery quilt was a summertime score at TJ Maxx.  The burlap pillows are from My Abode Cottage.  

Here's a busy little corner of the bedroom.  The window mirror was a recent $5 pick-me-up at Goodwill.  I bought it with plans of painting it, but right now I find myself loving the rustic feel given off by the wood.  The green shelf was thrifted---originally it was an awful brass, but that's nothing a little fresh green spraypaint can't fix.  The ivory necklace hooks below were a super-cheap score at a sidewalk sale last summer in my hometown.  This hutch is quite the multi-tasker, hosting my tv and dvd/vcr (You know the vintage lover in me still uses vhs-tapes! Haha.), dvd collection, jewelry, perfume, and books.  

My necklaces are ready for their close-up.

The top shelf of my hutch keeps track of some of my many books.  While I mostly read on my Kindle, I still love to have my favorite novels around.  I'm a devoted historical fiction reader.  On the shelf below, metallic silver baskets I picked up at a 75% off sale at Bath & Body organize several journals, Nancy Drew Books, and my Kindle.  In between, a small collection of turquoise glass containers store lip glosses and small perfume bottles.  (I plan on lining the back of this hutch shelf with some pretty wallpaper!)

I have a weakness for buying journals and diaries that are too pretty to write in.  The tallest turquoise glass was part of Target's colorful summer collection last year---I wanted to buy everything but I resisted until it all went to clearance and then snatched up this glass for a mere $1.  The two short, wide glass containers were originally candles that I nabbed at Hobby Lobby on sale.  Once the candles had been burned, I cleaned 'em up and put them to use as pretty storage containers.  

Lip gloss and Victoria's Secret perfumes make me happy.  So does this turquoise + gold + pale pink color scheme.  Sooo Marie Antoinette a la Sofia Coppola, no?

This handy divided jewelry tray is one of the best purchases I've ever made.  It set me back about $5 at TJ Maxx the same day I bought my bed quilt.  It keeps my earrings, bracelets, watch, rings, and favorite perfumes all tidy and pretty.  (Don't mind the mini Crown Royal bottle in the back... I don't like the stuff, I just thought the bottle was super cute and stuck it there. Haha.  Randomness.)

I'm obsessed with ancient Roman and Greek history.  I picked up this handsome porcelain guy at an antique store back home.  Isn't he a stud?  He keeps track of some of my bracelets for me.

I love having a desk, but truthfully I rarely use it.  I always write and blog in my bed.  What does go on here is crafting and diy-projects.  My paint chip canvases were featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Do It Yourself magazine.  The corks were featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Storage.  (Seriously, check it out!) The white lamp is from Target---I stuck it in an industrial-style candle holder thing to give it more character.  I love my little paint can containers from Michael's.  

Here's a wider angle of this side of my room.  I bought that adorable sunhat last summer, but I still haven't worked up the gumption to actually wear it out and about.  It's so lovely, but I feel like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm whenever I put it on.  :S  So for now it hangs on my wall.  Haha.

Pages from Anthropologie catalogs often end up on my cork boards.  So do wallpaper samples.  And paint chips are in abundance in my space.  I swear they can be found in every nook and cranny and drawer.  

Here's a very small selection of just some of my magazines.  These are the ones I peruse most.  I have bags and boxes of others slid under my bed and in the corners of my closet.  

A door hook holds my excessive collection of scarves, plus a couple oft-used purses and jacket.  I even like the wall behind the door to look pretty, so my stenciled canvas brightens up the corner.  

It's rare for my closet doors to be closed, so consider yourself one of the lucky few to see such a feat!  A turquoise vintage suitcase that I bought at a hometown antique store a few years ago is turned on its side and used as yet another surface to catch magazines.  I just bought that pretty gray floral dress and can't wait to wear it.  Until I do, I don't want it hidden away inside my closet---so I found a place to put it on display!  Just looking at the beautiful floral pattern cheers me up.  

Getting artsy with the camera.  This dress really compliments the latest issue of House Beautiful and I just had to show you.  ;)

Seriously.  I'm in love with this frock.

Tucked underneath my nightstand are some of my favorite books: Domino being #1, of course, and Apartment Therapy coming in 2nd.  The vintage Royal typewriter in a gorgeous soft gray is something my dad picked up for me at a garage sale.  He knew I collected old typewriters and surprised me with it.  :)  All my other ones are back home, but I keep this one with me because I love the gray color.  I also love fat little birds, like the white one perched on it.  

Another corner of my room.  The green bucket from Target keeps my most worn shoes within easy reach so that I don't lose them in the bottom of my closet.  I've had the dog stuffed animal since my freshman year---it looks exactly like my fluffy white dog Adalae who lives with my fam back home.  (The stuffed animal even wears Adalae's first little bejeweled, red collar!)  The vintage fan was found at a garage sale my first month in this college town.  The retro GE clock radio was purchased at an antique store back home.  The bag next to the bucket is a vintage airline carry-on---I love toting around my laptop in it!  A small collection of pretty white things sits on my nightstand top---a vase, lotion, candle, little deer my grandma gave me.  The glass thing behind the deer is part of an old (possibly antique) chemistry set the boyfriend gave me when I rambled on about how scientific-things were so on trend in decor.  ;)  The little gray kitty figurine looks exactly like my cat Io, who also lives back home with the fam.  

Here's a wider shot of my bed and the bedside table.  I just recently swapped an outdated Victorian-style lamp shade for the more modern burlap one.  I love how the burlap contrasts with the ornate, brushed gold lamp base.  The picture over the bed was a Christmas gift from the bf.  It's hard to see with the sunny glare, but it's a close-up of a big, beautiful red flower. (Poppy, maybe?)

I move around furniture a lot, but for now my wrought iron headboard (spray painted bright red) is positioned alongside my bed more like a daybed than headboard.  This window looks right across to someone else's window.  I hung sheer orange curtains with a tension rod to add a little privacy.  Random knick-knacks like candles, fat little birds, and a tin of small deer antlers litter the windowsill.  I'm not sold on the orange.  I plan on replacing them with some sheer white curtains soon.

I'm seriously in love with the pattern on my bedding.  So I had to snap a close-up of it.  :)

There you have it!  I finally got around to taking pictures of my tiny little room so that I could share with you!  It's definitely a work in progress and ever changing.  I move around furniture a lot and am always switching up whatever's on the walls.  Plus, there are some major things I want to change like the orange curtains and finding a better way to organize all of my magazines.  But I love my room.  It's a lovely little retreat and happy place to relax and create in.



Cali said...

Your room looks very pretty, comfy and, that is the best part, really shows personality. I love it :-)

Camille said...

Love it! You have a lot of the same style tastes as I do, vintage and florals and color, fun! :)

Lauren Alyse said...

Swooning over your room right now. Seriously, swooning. I love it. :)

Ashley said...

Your room is adorable! We have very similar tastes, so it was great to get some inspiration!

Ally said...

I LOVE your room!! Want to come decorate mine?? Pretty please?? It's such a small space, and I really don't know what to do with it. I also adore your taste. Think of it as a challenge! :-D You have the cutest taste in... well... everything! Eclectic Chic for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that your room is so clean! The paint samples look awesome. The mirror from Goodwill is great, I remember you mentioning it a little bit back... and I'm glad that your magazines found a home. I'm impressed how much personality is in one room, looks great!!

Shelby said...

OH MY GOD! You're room is the most adorable room I've ever seen in my life:) I can't wait to see the rest of your apartment!!

Megan said...

Wow, this is amazing! I'm so glad you finally found the time to post pictures. I've never had a room look this good, even my high school room, which is probably the only room of mine I ever spent any real time in. Also, I LOVE the way you turned old candles into holders for assorted items. I'm definitely going to steal that idea.

P.S. - There's nothing wrong with looking like Shirley Temple. Rock that hat! :)

Ria said...

So bright and colourful! No wonder it's your little haven ^_^ xoxo

sunnysblog@gmail.com said...

thank you for sharing your room with us! well, photos of it! :)
those little paint containers from michaels are the cutest thing! where in michaels did you find them?

I love the bedding and think the orange curtains are beautiful! but white ones are good too :)

I love the entire room.

Anonymous said...

Love this! So excited to see this in my reading list! Where did you find the different sized magazine holders because I like those better when they're uneven? You made a lot out of a small space! Gorgeous!

Just posted my first post for my new blog! Hope you'll check it out! www.bigbanginblog.com


Lauren said...

I love seeing room photos from real girls (and not just from professional interior design shoots, magazines, blogs, etc.)! Thank you for sharing! This inspires me!

Lugless said...

So bright and colourful! I'm impressed that your room is so clean! I love all things !!!
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Sydney said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a while and enjoy all that you do around your home. I really love the frock you found and the bedside table looks good too :)

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Christine White said...

Your bedroom looks very pretty, comfortable and elegant. Best part is that it really shows personality. home extensions perth

ErikaStone said...

The moment I saw that bed I fell in love with it. In one glance I can say that the owner of the room is a well disciplined person.

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Kelsie said...

Where is that dress from? NEED!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

My colleagues' new homes in Maryland have a similar bedding as yours. Where can I get this exact design for our master bedroom?

Abby said...

its official. I am in LOVE with your room. JUST my style.

Hunter Douglas said...

Great work. that was pretty interesting. Inspiring, as well. Thanks for sharing such inspiring experience with us. Great blog, congrats!