Studio Living Series

Today kicks off a little series I'd like to call Studio Living.  You, see... I've also been drawn to the idea of living in a teeny-tiny studio apartment.  Now hold in your gasp of horror at the thought of dwelling in such a small face.  And let me proceed to tell you why:

First, I reeeeally want to live alone.  I've had my batches of not-so-good roomies.  And actually, the roommates I'm living with right now are the best I've ever had.  But I really want my own place.  The independent spirit and private artist in me simply desire carving out a special little corner in the world all to myself.  A kitchen, bath, and living space to call my own.  And while I'd move into a well-priced one-bedroom in a heartbeat... efficiency apartments are easier on this college budget.  

Second, I don't require that much space.  Well, my furniture might.  (But that's a whole 'nother blog post!)  Blame it on Apartment Therapy's annual Small Cool Contest or whatever, but I find the challenge of decorating and organizing a small space oh-so-appealing.  It sounds like fun.  I like to get crafty and creative.  Decorating a separate living and bedroom would just be too easy. ;)

So here's where the Studio Living series comes in.  I'm actively searching for my next apartment and really hoping to find myself in an efficiency this fall.  So I'm going to be scouring the internet for nifty small space ideas and real, inspiring studios to share with you. Cheers to tiny living!



Megan said...

I live in a studio and I LOVE IT! I chose it because I wanted to live alone, too. It's plenty of space for me and all my stuff, even though I don't have an oven and only a mini-fridge. Pinterest is great for finding slow-cooker and stovetop recipes. :) Good luck with your search!

Unknown said...

I've just recently bought a studio apartment similar to this which will be ready to move into next year and I've been wondering how I can decorate it so I'm really looking forward to reading more about your adventures with this! Part of me is nervous about living on my own, but there's another part of me (like you) that's looking forward to being independent and living on my own for at least a while :)

Nick Klaus said...

I've been in a studio for about 9 months now and I love that I have a space that's entirely MINE. The downside is that you really realize how much stuff goes into an apartment.

I'd recommend using a website called Padmapper in your search; it puts all the apartments in a google map, so you can see exactly where they are, only show ones within a certain price range, certain number of beds/baths.. it makes it a lot easier to see all your options.

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