Truth: I Buy Coffee Based on the Packaging Color

Say hello to my new ^friend.  Well, sorta new.  Coffee and I go waaaay back. 
But after the awful experience with a certain coffee that I could only say via heavy doses of hot cocoa, cinna-sugar, and milk... I went on the hunt for a budget-friendly bag of grounds that would actually taste good.  I ended up at my beloved Target, where a major coffee sale was going down in Aisle 9.  (Ok... I made that up.  Not really sure which aisle.  But I liked the sound of that.)  As the boyfriend feigned impatience at my coffee indecision (which he had also suffered while I picked out hair color five minutes earlier)... this pretty turquoise bag of Seattle's Best Level 4 called out to me.  I'll admit.  It was an impulse buy based totally on the color of packaging.  But here I am drinking and let me just say: AMAZING.  It's been a long time since I brewed a decent cup of coffee at my own place.  A spoonful of sugar.  A splash of vanilla soy milk.  And my Friday night has just been made.  :)

I promise there are more interesting posts to come besides a random coffee recommendation.  But I hate not to share a good thing!  Have a lovely weekend!



Unknown said...

My Momma loves this coffee, too, she bought some while she was visiting me this December. It is pretty good! I can't really use it often, because I have a French press, and need a coarse grind, but once in a while can't really do any harm (I hope).

Megan said...

Please, share your coffee recommendations as often as you'd like! I love to hear them. :) I'll have to try this one out once my World Market Breakfast Blend coffee runs out (which isn't bad, btw).

Yhoanis said...

Oh god, I like the packaging too! I buy new stuff that look nice, I care about the packaging. It's always nicer to eat/drink/try something that is also beautifully sold to us. Might try that coffee if I can find it here in Canada! :)