The Carrie Diaries

Have you heard of the CW's upcoming series The Carrie Diaries?  The tv series is a prequel to Sex & the City, centering on a young Carrie Bradshaw's senior year of high school.  AnnaSophia Robb has been cast as the young Carrie and I think she looks stunning in this photo.  The outfit! The hair! The heels!  Sooo very Carrie.  This fabulous photo caught my eye and I just had to share.  (Thanks Belle on the Boulevard!)



Allison said...

Hadn't heard of this. Exciting!

Yhoanis said...

The book is fun, I loved it...hoping the serie will be as interesting, simple and fun! I love how AnnaSophia interprets Carrie, but I think the face is nothing like Jessica's :/

Chrystina said...

Thanks for the reminder about this! As a curly-haired girl, I'm really excited to finally get a few more curly hair styles to add to my repertoire. (Every time I need a new idea for a haircut, I find that Carrie Bradshaw is one of the first names I Google.)